Coronation Streets Rula Lenska details huge transformation for new role

Corrie: Rula Lenska says she’d ‘love’ to go back on show

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Rula Lenska recently confirmed she would be returning to Coronation Street as Claudia Colby. The actress, who has appeared on and off on the show returned to the ITV soap full-time in 2018, which is when she fell in love with Ken Barlow (played by Bill Roache). At the time, Claudia decided to buy Audrey’s (Sue Nicholls ) salon before convincing Ken it was a good idea to sell his house and move to a luxury retirement home.

Rula may be heading back to the cobbles very soon, however, the actress has spent the past few months rehearsing for her new theatre play called Evelyn.

In Evelyn, which will run at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester and then the Southwark Playhouse in London, Rula stars as unsuspecting landlady Jeanne who takes pity on a stranger who might not be who she says she is.

However, Rula’s new role couldn’t be further than her glamourous character in Corrie.

“Glamour which I’ve sort of grown up with all my life, it’s a compliment, but it’s a double-sided compliment,” the actress said in an exclusive interview with

“Quite often glamour seems to mean that there is nothing deeper.”

Discussing how her character from Evelyn is so different, Rula continued: “She’s bizarre.

“I enabled [along] with the director and with the designers to create a complete personality, a completely different personality for me, both looks-wise and temperament wise and everything else. So it’s a great journey.”

Rula went on to explain that she is playing a character suffering from dementia, who she says: “Swears like a trooper.”

“Women of our age permanently wonder whether they’re on the dementia trail because it’s talked about so much,” the 74-year-old admitted.

“This part has got nothing to do with glamour which can be a bit of a stumbling block because glamour seems two dimensional and this woman is very much three if not four-dimensional.

“She realises that things disappear, her memory goes and things are misrepresented.”

“She’s scared but she’s a stalwart,” Rula said of her character. “It’s just fascinating.

“I’m having a wonderful time, which I hope will show of creating this bizarre, complicated person.”

Despite loving the challenge of her new role, Rula said the rehearsals have been tough for her.

She explained the fighting sequences that were conducted by a fight director were hard.

“I feel like I’ve been in the boxing ring with somebody,” Rula added.

Later this year, Rula will be heading back to Weatherfield to play Claudia once again.

Despite not knowing what her storyline will involve, the actress admitted she’d love to work with Bill Roache again.

“I am coming back in the middle of summer for a couple of episodes,” Rula began.

“I don’t really know much about it, but it’s lovely to be asked back.

Speaking of her storyline, she added: “I’d like to get back with Ken again because I adored working with him.”

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