Coronation Street’s Sally violently beaten in prison while conman Duncan ‘dies’

Coronation Street’s Sally Metcalfe will be brutally beaten up in prison while drama ensues on the outside.

Poor Sally, who is serving time in prison after being framed, is on the receiving end of an attack from nasty Marcia.

The former Mayor of Weatherfield loses her only ally inside when Abi is released, and her replacement cellmate is the prison bully.

When the police search their cell for drugs, Marcia accuses Sally of grassing and gives her a horrific beating.

While all this is going on there are major developments in the bid to get justice for Sally – but things quickly go horribly wrong.

Gina breaks into Duncan’s flat in a bid to find evidence to use against him and free Sally.

When the scammer unexpectedly returns home, Gina has no choice but to hide under the bed.

Duncan is distracted by Tim banging on the door, so Gina makes her escape out of the window, then follows him up the road to a phone box.

After he is finished with his call, Gina sneaks into the phone box and makes a big discovery when she presses redial.

Tim goes to the police with Gina’s new information but there is nothing they can do without a proper confession from Duncan.

Sobbing Sally calls Tim and reveals all about her ordeal, insisting that she can’t go on for much longer.

Determined Tim and Sophie come up with a plan that involves luring Duncan’s daughter Olivia to Speed Daal.

When she realises what they are up to she phones her dad, who furiously confronts them before taking his daughter away.

Tim realises he has hit a nerve and follows Duncan back home in a bid to draw out a confession.

The pair have an explosive showdown where Tim violently lunges at Duncan.

Duncan tries to escape by stepping back into the road – and is hit by a car.

Will Duncan survive the crash? And has Tim made Sally’s chances of freedom even slimmer?

*Coronation Street airs tomorrow night on ITV at 7.30pm

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