Coronation Street's Scott takes revenge on Johnny Connor by taking wife Jenny hostage

JENNY Connor is held at gunpoint tonight in Coronation Street as Scott takes revenge on Johnny for trying to report him to the police.

Scott shot Craig Tinker on Monday as his plan to rob Ray Crosby and his mates in the Bistro took a violent turn – and tonight he's got Jenny in his sights.

Corrie viewers know that Scott has been planning to rob Ray and his mates for weeks – and has blackmailed Johnny into agreeing to help. 

This week's episodes saw Scott go through with his dastardly scheme and burst into the Bistro, where he points his gun at Faye and orders Ray to hand over his money.

But not everything goes to plan as Craig tried to stop Scott leaving and ended up being shot.

Everyone was horrified as the gun went off and Craig slumped to the floor as Scott fled with the cash.

Scott threatened Johnny, promising to reveal his criminal past to Jenny if he speaks out about the robbery.

A guilty Johnny headed down to his former neighbourhood before returning home where an elderly lady turns up and asks him why he was hanging around outside her house. 

Johnny asked after Grant who used to live there, but Margaret reveals that her son died an alcoholic years ago after surviving a terrible robbery. 

Devastated, Johnny arrived home and tells Jenny there’s something he needs to tell her. 

Jenny was appalled when he tells her he was once a getaway driver in a robbery, and that Scott was responsible for the Bistro robbery.

As Johnny prepares to report Scott to the police, Scott calls and tells Emma to let Johnny know he’s leaving for a new job in Kent.

Scott later turns up at the Rovers and tells Jenny that Johnny once left a security guard for dead. 

When Scott realises Emma has overheard, he offers her a donation to Oliver’s fund to keep shtum.

But disaster strikes when Scott finds a note from Johnny explaining he’s gone to the police station to tell the truth.

Grabbing the phone and pointing his gun at Jenny, Scott orders Johnny to return home or he’ll shoot his wife.

Will Johnny make it back in time?

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