Coronation Street's Steve McDonald "caught with his trousers down" as he cheats on Tracy

Coronation Street stalwart Steve McDonald isn’t the worst of the men on the ITV soap, but he’s really testing our patience this time.

Not content with marrying his girlfriend Tracy Barlow despite having no feelings for her, Steve’s now gone and done the dirty with one of her best mates.

Yup, that’s right. The longtime Corrie character was moping in the Rovers when his ex Leanne Battersby (currently feuding with Tracy) walked in.

Drowning their collective sorrows over a few pints, Leanne declared her intentions to “get leathered tonight” while she had the chance.

So they upped sticks to Steve’s flat for a “lovely single malt” he’d been saving.

“What’s the worst that can happen?” he asked…

Obviously, he was caught “with his trousers down” when Peter Barlow rushed round with some bad news.

Amy had been hospitalised (nothing too serious) and dad Steve was needed by her bedside as he was apparently romping with Leanne.

Not a good look, is it?

The answer is no, obviously, and Corrie fans were none too impressed.

“Steve and Leanne. Ugh. I actually really liked Leanne with Imran but of course #corrie had to go and mess that up,” wrote one annoyed viewer.

“How Steve has been married so many times is beyond me. all he ever does is cheat,” added another.

“With Leanne AGAIN? Steve is such an idiot,” said a third.

Some fans weren’t too fussed by Steve’s infidelities, though – they were more interested in his hair.

“Steve McDonald’s hair looks like a 70’s porn bush,” commented one Corrie addict.

While another asked what “was going on with Steve’s hair?”

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