Corrie 2022 predictions see Tim death fears, Fiz abuse twist and paternity twist

Coronation Street fans have only just started recovering from the shocking Horronation Street week, which saw Johnny Connor tragically die in the sink hole.

This came only months after Seb Franklin was beaten to death by Corey Brent, leading to a dramatic murder trial which saw Kelly Neelan briefly sent to prison for Corey's crime.

But as 2022 swiftly approaches, there are already plenty of spoilers and predictions for what is going to happen on the cobbles, and it's not looking good for some characters already.

A spokesperson for Corrie has teased: "After the dramatic events of 2021 you would think the residents of Britain’s favourite street would be looking for a quieter start to 2022, but although the storm clouds gathering this time are metaphorical, there may be just as much damage."

Tim Metcalfe health fears

Tim and Sally Metcalfe are one of the most beloved couples on the cobbles, but it looks like they could be ripped apart as Tim faces a new health battle.

Only two years ago, he suffered a major heart attack just after Sally was released from hospital following the factory collapse.

While Tim recovered, it looks like his health could take a turn for the worse in 2022, and this time he may not be so lucky.

An ITV spokesperson teased that not only will Tim struggle with his health, tensions could start to rise between him and Sally, saying: "Tim Metcalfe should know better than to keep secrets from wife Sally, but since when has Tim ever done the right thing?

"A health scare has him reeling, but how will Sally feel when she is the last person to know."

Is Tim going to be okay, or could he be the next shock death to rock the cobbles?

Sarah and Adam hit the rocks

Sarah and Adam didn't get off to a good start in their marriage after cracks started to show just months after they tied the knot.

However, the pair finally got their marriage back on track and have even decided to start trying for a baby.

But new Corrie spoilers have revealed that Lydia, who is being played by Waterloo Road and Shameless' Rebecca Ryan, has a secret past with Adam.

The spokesperson said: "Sarah and Adam are hoping to cement their relationship by starting a family, but when Sarah’s new friend Lydia turns out to be someone from Adam’s past, could all Sarah’s dreams turn to nightmares?"

Lydia has been revealed to be Adam's ex of six months, and she was left hurt when he didn't appear to recognise each other when they saw each other in the street.

With Lydia also having a young son, could she tell Adam that he is the father of her child? And what will Sarah do when she finds out his secret?

Emma and Faye's car crash horror

Faye Windass is set to finally return to the cobbles after being imprisoned for the attack on Adam, as she did it thinking it was her assaulter Ray Crosby.

Her brother Gary took the blame for the attack but Faye eventually came clean but was horrified when she was sentenced to three years behind bars.

However, as she finally gets back to real life, she and Emma make a terrible mistake which could have deadly consequences.

Spoiler pictures have shown that the pair actually run over an elderly man during a driving lesson in one of Steve's taxis.

The pair rush to help the man, but it remains unclear what will happen to him and later, Emma agrees to stay quiet about what happened, knowing it could put Faye back behind bars.

Could Faye be caught out and get put back behind bars in a brutal twist?

Horror Fiz abuse twist

Fiz is finally starting to move on from her ex Tyrone Dobbs after he cheated on her with Alina Pop before deciding to end their long-term relationship.

But Christmas spoilers have revealed Tyrone tries to kiss Fiz at Christmas, despite her moving on with new boyfriend Phill.

However, fans have been suspicious about Phill's behaviour, and think there could be another horrific domestic abuse storyline on the cards.

After spotting similarities between Phill and abusive Geoff, one fan posted on social media: "Is Fill It Phill gonna be another Jiggle It Geoff I wonder?" referring to Geoff's magician nickname after falling apart on stage."

Another added: "Phill's too good to be true, I suspect."

A third asked: "Is Phill just a stand up guy or is there something simmering waiting to get out?"

Has Fiz finally found her happy ending or could Phill be another villain on the cobbles waiting to take advantage of her?

Roy gone for good?

Fans were left devastated as Roy told his nearest and dearest that he was leaving the cobbles, giving his niece Nina an emotional goodbye before heading to South America.

Whilst it seemed that Roy would return in 2022, actor David has seemingly confirmed that the beloved character won't be coming back.

He told Inside Soap: "I'm 72, obviously. When Corrie aired Norris' funeral, we had a scene with the hearse pulling up – and because of Malcolm Hebden, I thought: 'I'm really sorry that I won't get to work with him again.

"But there are two exits in this for me: one for the character and one for David. Hopefully they won't coincide – maybe they will.

"I know Roy leaving will get a reaction. It's a big part of your life and a big part of that popular culture. He will be remembered for a long while."

Is Roy never going to return to the cobbles after finally bonding with Nina?

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