Corrie actress claims she got so used to swanky parties she 'had to visit Weatherspoons to learn about real life'

CORONATION Street star Katherine Kelly has claimed that she got so used to swanky parties she "had to visit a Weatherspoons to learn about real life".

The 41-year-old star admitted that she was concerned about being unable to portray an ordinary person ordering a drink onscreen because she felt out of touch.

So she and her mum took to their local watering hole to learn about how average Brits enjoy a booze-up.

Speaking in a new interview, Katherine admitted that she panicked when she had to order a drink at a bar for a scene in a new job.

She shared: "I was thinking: ‘I don’t know what people drink now at the bars’.

"It had been so long since I’d been to a pub that hasn’t been some red carpet event where you’re handed a bottle of champagne.

"I thought: 'Do people drink lager and black any more?', it really bothered me."

The actress went on to tell the Daily Star that she felt as though she couldn't "represent real life" because she wasn't "in real life".

She added: "So I went to a Wetherspoons with my mum.

"I was saying: 'This is what people drink now, they buy a bottle of Prosecco because it’s cheaper', and the red wine was on tap.

"I thought: 'Great, now I know'."

Katherine shot to fame playing Becky McDonald in Corrie between 2006 and 2012.

She has gone on to enjoy roles in Mr Selfridge, Happy Valley, Gentleman Jack, and Liar.

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