Corrie fans baffled as they spot blunder amid Debbie and Kevin’s freezer horror

Coronation Street viewers watched on as Kevin and Debbie Webster remained trapped in the Bistro freezer during Wednesday's tense episode.

The siblings were locked in there by rooked businessman Ray Crosby, played by Mark Frost, who managed to trap them before fleeing.

During tonight's instalment, viewers were quick to point out that Kevin is a mechanic, so surely he'd be able to disconnect the freezer or get the door open so they can be free.

Taking to Twitter, one said: "Embarrassed for Kevin a qualified mechanic not being able to disconnect the cooling in that cold room."

While another wrote: "Right, Kevin is a mechanic! He's locked in a fridge with the handle smashed off, surely he could use his knowledge to devise a new handle or something to open the door with what's in that fridge".

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A third added: "For a mechanic Kev is not very bright the cooling fan is inside the fridge and easily cut off".

At the end of tonight's dramatic episode, Debbie fell asleep and her panicked brother attempted to wake her up.

Faye and Abi were at the Bistro attempting to find out what happened and where Ray had vanished to.

While in the office, they noticed the handle of the freezer door had been removed and they suddenly realised someone could be trapped inside.

Abi banged on the door and woke Kevin up on the inside.

With the little strength he had left, the character kicked over the metal shelves in front of him, and the ladies outside heard the noise.

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