Corrie spring spoilers: Tragedy, death and new arrival

Often people see spring as the start of new beginnings and positivity. The days get longer, the sun starts to shine for longer, the blue skies seem brighter, flowers start to grow, but over in Coronation Street, positivity is the last thing on the horizon for the Weatherfield residents, as dark storylines continue, familiar faces find themselves in trouble, and new arrivals make their way onto the cobbles too.

New storylines will begin, Yasmeen (Shelley King) continues to find herself haunted by Geoff (Ian Bartholomew), there’s drama ahead for Simon (Alex Bain) and Leanne (Jane Danson), so we thought we’d take a look at all the huge stories coming up this Spring, to bring you the ultimate guide on what’s happening over the next few weeks in Weatherfield.

Ronnie’s big secret

Newcomer Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) arrived in Weatherfield recently and while Michael (Ryan Russell) and Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) were pleased to see him, viewers immediately saw Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) wasn’t impressed to see Ed’s brother at her door.

Aggie has already expressed her concerns to Grace (Kate Spencer) that Ronnie has a habit of leading his brother astray, and when Ed tells his wife about Ronnie wanting to move to the area, Aggie is left rather concerned.

It’s clear Ronnie is carrying a huge secret with him, and Corrie boss Iain MacLeod has already given hints about what’s to come for Ronnie. He said: ‘In comes Ronnie with a hand grenade with the pin already out and we are all wondering when he is going to drop it and as you can predict on a show like ours he will drop it when it will do maximum damage. It’s an exciting time in the Bailey household.’

Carla, Peter and Lucas

Carla (Alison King) has tried to support Peter (Chris Gascoyne) during his alcohol recovery process, but with old friend Lucas (Glen Wallace) wandering in and trying to remind Carla she needs to look after herself, it begs the question – will Carla eventually make a choice between Lucas or Peter?

Coming up, Carla gets herself involved in Simon’s drug drama after Leanne begs for her help, but if Carla fails to tell Peter the mess his son is in at risk it will impact his recovery, how will Peter react?

Leanne’s struggle continues as Simon’s situation spirals

Leanne has failed to move forward in her life following the death of Oliver. Her grief is consuming her, and took two steps backwards after she discovered the feathers she was finding was actually Simon planting them around the flat, and not messages from Oliver.

As this storyline continues, things get darker when Leanne discovers Simon’s drug dealing involvement following Sam (Jude Riordan) innocently getting caught up in one of Simon and Jacob’s (Jack James Ryan) plans.

Leanne will understandably be horrified when she discovers what her son has been doing behind her back, but as Simon reminds her someone needs to put food on the table as she isn’t working, he marches out.

Will Leanne open up to Nick (Ben Price) about how she’s coping? Or maybe the arrival of a new face will push Leanne even further away from Nick…

Will Mellor arrives as Harvey

With Will Mellor set to make his arrival soon as drug lord Harvey, Leanne and Simon will no doubt find themselves out of their depth and show boss Iain revealed more on what’s to come: ‘What we’re trying to do with Simon and Leanne is find a way to play their grief that doesn’t feel like grief stories that we’ve done and other shows might have done. 

We’ve come up with something that starts quite small, but ends up turning into this colossal, thriller-ish, high-octane piece that will play out in the first six months of 2021.’

Harvey promises to be an evil character with no cares on hurting the people working for him. Leanne and Simon better watch out…

Yasmeen’s dark time isn’t over yet

Even though Yasmeen’s abuse has stopped, the torment is still continuing as she continues to be haunted by her horrific memories of Geoff.

She has experienced hallucinations, panic attacks, is constantly worried about making a mistake at risk she will face consequences from Geoff, and coming up, things get worse as Yasmeen discovers Geoff has left her with a mountain of debt.

With the pressure getting to her, Yasmeen collapses in pain after locking herself in No.6. Just how much more can Yasmeen take?

Back in January, Iain explained more about the next stages of Yasmeen’s storyline: ‘We are very keen to reflect the real-world experiences that people like Yasmeen go through. Escaping your abuser whether that is death, incarceration or flee makes people say ‘you’re free’ but it’s not over. The psychological impacts can last forever and the practical side of what happened to her – Geoff was embezzling money from her and taking out loans – that will come home to roost and threaten her recovery.’

Love is in the air…or is it?

Love is in the air in the coming weeks, but for some characters, that doesn’t exactly mean happier times are on the way.

Asha (Tanisha Gorey) is head over heels in her new relationship with Nina (Mollie Gallagher). She’s certainly a lot happier with Nina after her disaster of a relationship with Corey (Maximus Evans), but coming up, Asha gets ahead of herself and tells Nina she’s in love with her.

How will Nina react? Could Asha ruin her relationship with Nina before it’s even really began?

Todd’s comeuppance

Elsewhere, a certain Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) is still busy interfering in Billy’s (Daniel Brocklebank) life following his devious plan to split him and Paul (Peter Ash) up.

Now Billy is a single man after Todd’s plan left Summer (Harriet Bibby) in danger, Todd is doing what he does best – scheming.

While Billy and Paul haven’t figured out Todd’s involvement yet, the reveal that he was behind Billy and Paul splitting up is inevitable, and Iain has already given a taste of what’s to come during Todd’s downfall: ‘Todd never goes with something in a normal way – it’s bags of skullduggery, he kind of enjoys his torturing, he is very selfish when he wants something and that prize in this case is Billy.

In an underhand way, he undermines Billy and Paul’s relationship – he will get what he wants but the lengths he goes to will be his undoing. In an explosive and thriller-ish way later in the year, Todd’s deceit will come to light.’

Debbie’s next chapter

After Debbie (Sue Devaney) and Kevin’s (Michael Le Vell) horror fridge torture, Debbie is now trying to get back into people’s good books with Ray (Mark Frost) behind bars for all of his crimes.

Recently, it was confirmed that Debbie will be staying in Weatherfield for quite some time, as Sue Devaney has signed a contract to take her up until April 2022.

Despite Abi (Sally Carman) saving Debbie’s life, it’s clear there’s still tension between the two of them given Debbie’s actions were the reason behind Abi’s now-fiancé Kevin becoming trapped in the fridge.

Will Debbie get herself involved in anymore business plans? Or will we see her on a more positive path?

Teen tragedy

Last year, it was confirmed that the teenagers of Weatherfield will be taking centre stage in an issue-led storyline that could spell tragedy.

So far, we’ve seen more of Simon, Asha, Aadi (Adam Hussain), Amy (Elle Mulvaney) and Nina too, and with Iain MacLeod promising this dark storyline to be ‘one of our biggest, serious social responsibility stories next year by a margin. It’s incredibly sad and tragic but a really important story’, there’s no doubt we’ll probably see more of this storyline as Spring arrives.

Cathy’s big mistake

Cathy is about to make a monumental mistake online that leads trolls to her door as she discovers the perils of sending messages online.  Some things can’t be undone – and the consequences leave a dark cloud over her…

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