Corrie’s Sue Cleaver warned bosses she and Tony Maudsley are ‘terrible gigglers’

Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver has told how she warned ITV bosses working with her new co-star Tony Maudsley would be a "nightmare".

Sue spoke on This Morning about her upcoming scenes as Eileen Grimshaw where she features with Benidorm actor Tony Maudsley.

Sue revealed to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that she told the casting department her working with Tony would be a nightmare because they are "terrible gigglers".

Eamonn said: "What about George and that little flirtation, is it one way traffic?"

Sue replied: "It is at the moment, it didn't impress Eileen much, staging Todd's funeral, and Mary is very keen on him.

"[Eileen] doesn't trust him completely yet at the minute."

Speaking about Tony, she said: "We worked together about 21 years ago, we played husband and wife in a series, so we have kept in touch and always bumped into each other at various dos.

"It is lovely to have him back, I did say to the casting department, 'We will be a nightmare because we are terrible gigglers'."

Sue's on-screen son Todd Grimshaw is now played by Gareth Pierce after Bruno Langley was sacked due to a sexual assault conviction.

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Ruth also quizzed sue about her relationship with Gareth.

"He is going to get Eileen into trouble, I can feel it," Ruth said.

"Yep, no surprise there, he has always been a handful," replied Sue.

Ruth then asked: "Did you get to see each other much before you started filming.

"Obviously it's been difficult timing, with COVID."

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Sue replied: "We managed to do a screen test which was brilliant, from the minute he got on set it had to be him, he was so so good.

"He had the essence of Todd, which is a really hard thing to do as an actor, to come in with a character that has already got a history.

"He's done it beautifully, and now he can just take it where it needs to go, he can make the part his own.

"We are really thrilled, and he is absolutely fabulous."

Sue also told she is a "tiger" despite revealing Eileen has some terrifying upcoming scenes with Todd's ex boyfriend, gangster Mick Costello.

"She will never desert her boys no matter how badly they let her down, she will help him out, but she does have her limits," Sue explained.

"Mary and undertaker George, the new character played by Tony Maudsley, come up with the idea of holding Todd's funeral.

"Eileen finds out when she walks around the corner and sees a hearse with flower tributes saying TODD, and she thinks, 'This is absolutely ludicrous, I am surrounded by idiots'."

Ruth also asked if "Eileen's life is put in danger?"

"She ends with a gun to her head in her house," Sue replied.

"It's like going back in time again, she is not impressed at all."

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