Countdown's Susie Dent leaves fans in stitches with VERY pointed word of the day

COUNTDOWN'S Susie Dent left fans in stitches with her VERY pointed word of the day as she's crowned "queen of shady insults".

The 56-year-old appears to have thrown shade at Health Secretary Matt Hancock after he tried to dodge the question of why he voted against Free School Meals during a debate on GMB yesterday morning.

The lexicographer regularly tweets out her word of the day to her 674.7K followers, and this time it looks like her most recent was aimed at the UK government's view on helping those families in need.

People have been infuriated by the pictures online of "scandalously inadequate" food parcels sent to families who are eligible for Free School Meals during lockdown.

After massive backlash and a campaign led by Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford, Free Schools Meals vouchers have been reintroduced from Monday.

But yesterday morning host Piers Morgan asked Mr Hancock if he regretted not backing the vouchers in the first place, but he avoided the question.

Susie later took to her social media and posted a very indirect tweet, which said: "Word of the day is ‘circumlocutionist’: one who consistently speaks in a roundabout way in order to avoid addressing a question directly."

And while many where left wondering who she was referring to, a huge proportion thought the word was influenced by Matt Hancock's appearance on the breakfast show.

One wrote: "I think it’s Hancock and his answer to ‘do you regret voting against food provisions for school children’".

A second questioned: "Is the question @MattHancock Susie?"

A third chimed in: "Also a Hancocky word. (Not sure this works as well)."

Meanwhile others praised her for her choice of word, with some dubbing her the "Minister for Shade".

One said: "I've just discovered @susie_dent 's Word of the Day tweets and that's the best scrolling I've done for a while."

A second said: "Everyone is in love with Susie Dent, yes? Not just me?"

A third joked: "Have a thing for Susie Dent me."

A fourth said: "As always @susie_dent has her finger on the nation’s pulse and pinpoints what many are thinking, but we just can’t articulate it with the single word flair that she can!#WordOfTheDay#WordPerfect."

A fifth chimed in: "Hands up if you love Susie Dent."


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