'Counting On': Do the Duggars Know the Stars of 'Welcome To Plathville'?

TLC is adding another fundie clan to its lineup with a new show called Welcome to Plathville. The series focuses on a couple from Georgia who has raised nine children with a set of rules that seem very similar to what we’ve seen from the Duggars on Counting On. But do the Duggars and the Plaths know each other?

A look at ‘Welcome to Plathville’

Welcome to Plathville focuses on Kim and Barry Plath, wholive on a large farm in Georgia with eight of their nine children.

The couple has raised their kids with little access to technologyand limited exposure to the outside world. Most of their children, for example,have never tasted soda and do not know popular names in pop culture.

That, of course, will change now that the cameras are documentingtheir move.

Apart from the parents, the Plath family includes Ethan, 21,Hosanna, 20, Micah, 18, Moria, 17, Lydia, 15, Isaac, 13, Amber, 10, Cassia, 8,and Mercy, 6. The two oldest, Ethan and Hosanna, are the only ones who aremarried.

As Counting On fans are well aware, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 children, some of whom have tied the knot and started families of their own — which is where the connection between the two families originates.

The pair’s oldest child, Josh Duggar, is married to Anna Duggar, whose maiden name is Keller. While the couple does not have a direct line to the Plaths, the two families are connected via the Kellers.

How are the Duggars and Plaths linked?

Like most things with the Duggars, it is going to take a littlebit to explain how they are connected to the Plaths.

A few months ago, the Plath’s daughter, Hosanna, tied the knotwith Timothy Noble. According to InTouch Weekly, a woman by the name of Nurie Rodrigues was part of thewedding party.

Her mom and dad, David and Jill Noyes Rodrigues, shared photosfrom the wedding on social media, confirming that she was a part of theceremony and knows the Plaths.

This is where the connection to the Duggars comes into play. Rodrigues is courting a young man by the name of Nathan Keller, who also happens to be Anna’s younger sibling.

In the event that the two tie the knot, it is possible thatmembers of the Duggar family attend the ceremony, as well as a few of thePlaths. If that happens, then the two families actually might run into eachother and who knows what that might produce.

Although we admit that the connection is weak, it is evident thatthe Duggars and Plaths are associated in similar social circles. Who knows,maybe there will come a day when a Duggar and a Plath start courting.

Who are the Plaths?

Like their Counting On counterparts, Kim and Barry Plath do not have an ordinary family. The couple lives on a 55-acre farm in George with eight of their nine children, some of whom are reaching the age when they are starting to look for love.

The pair’s oldest son, Ethan, recently married his wife, Olivia,and is starting to explore new things. In the trailer for Welcome toPlathville, Ethan is shown drinking a soda for the first time in his life.

With his wife not being raised with the same strict religiousbeliefs, we have a feeling this won’t be the only thing Ethan tries out for thefirst time.

His younger brother, Micah, meanwhile, has lived his entire lifewithout watching television and he is not about to start now (which is kind ofironic given how his family is now on a reality TV show).

When it comes to the rebel of the family, nobody has Moriah beat. In the trailer, Moriah admits that she has very strong opinions and is not afraid to disagree with her parents.

There is no telling what kind of drama is ahead for the Plaths,but if it’s anything like the Duggars, they are about to have their hands full.

Welcome to Plathville is scheduled to premiere Nov. 5 onTLC.

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