'Counting On': Some of The Duggar Kids Were Suspiciously Quiet on Mother's Day

MichelleDuggar is the mother of 19 children. With such an expansive family, onewould expect that Michelle would have received an outpouring of lovely socialmedia messages. While a few of the Duggar kids reached out on Instagram to wishtheir mother a very happy Mother’sDay, there were a couple of Duggar kids who were suspiciously quiet. NeitherJoy-Anna Duggar nor Jill Duggar took the opportunity to shout out their mom.While many family followers agree that the absence of a message from Joy-Anna probablydoesn’t mean much, the lack of a Mother’s Day shoutout from Jill seems to speakvolumes.

Jessa, Jinger, and Jana all wrote a post to their mother onMother’s Day

Michelle Duggar received at least a few social media mentionson the day we set aside to celebrate mothers across the country. Jana Duggar wrotea long, flowery post about Michelle that she uploaded early in the day on May10. She also included seven pictures, including several throwback photos, of Michellein her post.

Jinger Duggar and Jessa Duggar’s posts seemed a little moredistant. Jinger, who has been rumored to have had afalling out with her parents, decided to speak more about what it is liketo be a mother during the Coronavirus crisis. She added a note at the endthanking Michelle for all she has done, but family critics felt the message wasa bit distant.

Jessa Duggar’s post felt more like an advertisement. Shetook to Instagram on May 10 to share a photo of Michelle holding Ivy JaneSeewald. Her caption asked followers to head over to YouTube to watch a lengthyvideo about Michelle that she had posted the previous week. Family watchershave been skeptical of the video, along with one she shared of her favorite memoriesof her father, Jim Bob Duggar, ever since they went live. Many family followersbelieve Jessa is jockeyingfor a bigger house by helping Jim Bob and Michelle manage their publicimage.

Joy-Anna let the day pass without signing on to social media

Joy-Anna didn’t bother to take part in the Instagram lovefeston May 10. The young mom is a little busy these days. Joyis currently awaiting the arrival of a baby girl in August. Even before shewas pregnant, she didn’t bother much with Instagram. It’s not uncommon for Joyto go several days or weeks without sharing a snapshot with her fans.


Even her sporadic posts rarely include extended familymembers. In fact, the majority of her posts are about Gideon, her two-year-oldson. Due to her past posting behaviors, followers weren’t concerned when Mother’sDay came and went without a post. The same is not true for Joy’s older sister,and herformer buddy, Jill.

Jill never specifically mentioned her mother, although shewas active on Instagram

Family followers noticed that Jill never bothered to send amessage of love to her own mother on Mother’s Day. Jill, who was active on theplatform on May 10, instead, offered up a broad Instagram Story that wished allthe mothers in the world a happy day. That was it. There was no flowerylanguage or an ode to her upbringing. It was short, sweet, and to the point.

Family followers can’t help but wonder if the absence of amessage to Michelle speaks volumes about the current state of their relationship.In the last six months, Derick Dillard, Jill’s husband, has shared a lot ofinformation about the Duggar family, and insiders have acknowledged thata rift exists between the Dillard clan and the Duggar family. While theDuggars have tried to shore up their image in recent months, and have workedovertime to suggest all is fine with the Dillards, family followers areunconvinced.

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