The Creator of 'The Bachelor' Is Making an Even Crazier Dating Show

Jesse Palmer from The Bachelor and The Proposal

Just in case you were getting bored by all the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise/Bachelor Winter Games drama, don’t you worry: ABC is here with something even crazier. The network announced Tuesday that Mike Fleiss, the creator of The Bachelor, is bringing us a brand-new dating show this summer.

It’s called The Proposal, and it will be hosted by Jesse Palmer, the former NFL player who was the Bachelor on Season 5. It’s 10 episodes long, and each episode features a group of 10 daters competing in four rounds for the heart of a “suitor” or “suitress.” But the twist is that the identity of the “suitor” or “suitress” is kept in the dark, so all 10 contestants don’t really know who they’re fighting for.

And because this is from the guy who brought us The Bachelor, the challenges are going to be off the wall. There’s a “first impressions” round, a “beachwear” round, a Q&A round, and a round to impress a family member. After each round, contestants are eliminated until there’s only two left. Then, the top two finally get to meet the “suitor” or “suitress,” and offer what ABC calls “a romantic proposal of their choice.”

Obviously, ABC is hinting that a marriage proposal could be an option here, but it could also just be a “proposal” to grab a coffee sometime. You know, since they literally just met. And even host Jesse Palmer didn’t propose at the end of his Bachelor season!

Fleiss weighed in on twitter, saying the show is “gonna be fun,” and also promised Bachelor Nation that Bachelor in Paradise will also air this summer. No word about whether Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are going to be involved, though they obviously should be.

Gonna be fun!!!

Yes, #BachelorNation we will have #BachelorInParadise this summer, too!!!

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