'Cruise Ship Killers' Highlights a Problem Most People Didn't Know Existed

Thirty million people board cruise ships each year. While most people step on and off cruise ships without incident, deaths sometimes occur on board. According to Cruise Ship Killers, a television show on the True Crime Network, many, but not all, deaths on cruise ships are accidental or from medical issues. Murders have occurred on board cruise ships, though. Cruise Ship Killers tells the tales of suspicious deaths aboard famed cruise ships.

What is ‘Cruise Ship Killers’ about?

Cruise Ship Killers is a true-crime docu-series that focuses on the cruise industry and the trouble that lurks beneath the surface. Over the last several years, cruiseliners have come under fire for issues. Stranded passengers, equipment failures, and rampant illnesses aboard ships have all been reported. Cruise Ship Killers isn’t concerned with any of that.

Not everyone who dies while on a cruise dies of natural causes or illnesses. Some die in accidents or by suicide. A handful of people die each year at the hands of another person or go missing under suspicious circumstances. Those are the stories that are told on Cruise Ship Killers.

According to the New York Daily News, 2017 was an especially rough year in the industry. More than 30 people died from “unnatural causes.” While some of those deaths were accidental, at least three confirmed deaths were considered homicides.

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