Dan Walker mocks ITV rival Lorraine Kelly over star’s transformation: ‘Can tell it’s her’

Strictly: Dan Walker says he’s in a ‘dance bubble’

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Dan Walker and Sally Nugent gave a daily round-up of the latest headlines during Wednesday’s BBC Breakfast show. Sally was impressed by a segment that showed new snaps of presenter Lorraine Kelly looking rather Adele-ish. The Scottish daytime host had been styled to mimic the Easy on Me singer in Heat Magazine’s festive issue. The former Strictly star mocked his ITV rival after he said: “It’s quite clearly Lorraine Kelly.”

The pair discussed the latest news stories that had caught their attention during their morning show.

Dan was fascinated by an important new study that could help with the environment. 

The 44-year-old newsreader asked Sally: “Did you know microbes are evolving?”

The TV presenter replied: “Go on…”

Dan revealed: “Microbes in oceans and in soil across the globe are evolving to eat plastic, according to a new study.”

After the BBC Radio 5 Live host had finished explaining the article, he turned to face his fellow presenter.

Sally said: “I’m really glad that you’ve highlighted a really important scientific story that will affect the environment.”

She added: “I’m going to show you Lorraine Kelly dressed as Adele.”

The journalist added: “That’s the news I’m bringing you today!”

At a quick glance of the ITV host’s dressed-up snaps, Dan joked: “Set fire to Lorraine?”

The Strictly star had anticipated the headline in reference to Adele’s hit track Set Fire to the Rain.

The pair giggled before Dan said: “Oh, I’ve just stolen their headline!”

Sally was rather impressed by the 62-year-old’s new look and implied the similarities were uncanny.

She pointed out: “That is in fact Lorraine Kelly, not Adele.” 

The journalist turned to her partner on the red sofa and exclaimed: “She’s been transformed!”

The Strictly dancer argued his ITV rival looked nothing like the musician, much to the amusement of co-host Sally.

He sniped: “It’s quite clearly Lorraine Kelly, though, isn’t it?”

“Do you think?” Sally wondered.

Dan explained: “Well, yeah. Once you get up close, yeah.”

In jest, the 50-year-old newsreader admitted: “I haven’t got my glasses on.”

Lorraine had joined forces with Heat Magazine for the sultry shoot ahead of the festivities.

The reasoning behind her Adele-inspired look became clear after she told the publication “I just wish I could channel some of Adele’s talent!” “She is the best singer in the world.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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