Dan Walker tells John Maguire stop talking as he cuts into Carols forecast

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BBC Breakfast turned awkward when Dan Walker was forced to cut off his co-star John Maguire live on air.

On Monday morning (4 September), presenter Dan had been listening to his co-star John chat passionately about the football when he quickly realised that John had been chatting for just a bit too long.

In fact, it was national treasure Carol Kirkwood who was due to deliver her on-screen regular weather report, so Dan had to step in and interrupt John, stopping him in his tracks.

John had been saying: "A thrilling weekend all round, and kind of topped off with that match yesterday afternoon with Liverpool spoil shared at Anfield against Manchester City,"

However, Dan could be seen looking down nervously at his laptop whilst Jon continued, suggesting he had been made aware that he needed to move on to the next segment.

Dan tried to chime in as John carried on, prompting Dan to tell him: "Sorry" before he burst out laughing.

John then looked directly into the camera and apologised.

Dan continued: "I was just going to say 'thank you, John' but do finish off!"

John replied: "Is that your polite way of saying 'shut up, John?'" as Dan insisted: "No, no! Not at all."

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Dan's co-star Sally Nugent clearly didn't want to get involved as she said: "I'm just not speaking at all. I'm just keeping quiet."

Dan went on to explain that he hadn't realised how long John would be talking for.

He said: "I used to be quite good at predicting when people were going to stop talking, but sorry John."

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John then mentioned that there was a "special guest" coming up before he was surprised by Carol who was ready to tell viewers all about the weather.

Sally said: "Yeah, Carol,. She's coming right now!"

John admitted: "I don't want to hold Carol up, do I?"

Sally wished Carol a good morning as Dan burst out: "Stop talking, John. Carol's here!"

Carol appeared on the screen, joining in on the banter as she added:" Yes John, stop talking!"

BBC Breakfast airs every day at 6am on BBC One.

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