Dancing On Ice is a fine line between pushing and hurting yourself says Rachel Stevens as it's hit by brutal accidents

RACHEL Stevens has revealed just how risky Dancing On Ice is after the hit show's contestants have suffered a series of painful accidents.

"There is no element of control," the former S Club 7 star admits in an exclusive interview with The Sun.

Comparing her experience on Strictly Come Dancing, where she finished in second place in 2008, the 43 year-old reveals: "Dancing on Ice is definitely harder, oh my god, yes. It's really, really hard,Ice skating is a whole other level.

"It's such a fine line between pushing yourself to go for it and pushing past that fear barrier of falling and potentially hurting yourself, but also being safe at the same time. It's such a fine line, and there is no control at all."

Rachel was forced to miss the first week of live skating this series after injuring her wrist during skating practice.

She admitted that the injury "knocked her confidence" and she was voted out two weeks later.

The former lads mag pin up explains: "It was really disappointing to go out in week three. Having the injury really knocked my confidence but at the same time it's all a learning curve. I love a challenge and I really wanted to go as far as I could."

Just this week, Vanessa Bauer and her partner Brendan Cole suffered a brutal fall after he dropped her in rehearsals,while paralympian Stef Reid shared pictures of her swollen injured foot following a "tough week" on the ice.

While it remains to be seen who will make it through to the end the competition, Rachel admits she has already chosen her winner.

"I love Regan [Gascoigne]," she says."He is such a lovely person and such a beautiful dancer. He was one of the ones I was closest to, although everyone is genuinely lovely."

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Now she is out of the competition, Rachel is focussing on designing another collection for fashion brand Oasis, but she hasn't ruled out another reunion with her S Club 7 pals.

"There is so much love around S Club and I know the rest of the band feel that too. At the moment, we don't have any plans to reunite, but you never know. It holds such a special place in my heart."

She admits she was just as surprised as the rest of us to learn her former band mate Paul Cattermole is now a psychic detective and charging £50 a pop for mystic readings.

"That is fascinating. I just heard about that," Rachel confesses. "I wasn’t aware of his gifts, so clearly I am not a psychic!"

The FHM Sexiest Woman Of All Time winner recently revealed that the pressures of being in a pop band left her needing therapy, and today she admits she felt she had to play a 'character' in the group.

"There were a lot of things going on in my personal life when I joined the band which I pushed down and just became 'Rachel from S Club 7'. I became a character," she recalls.

"Everything was going on underneath. It can be quite confusing as you are in a band that’s appealing to young kids and you have to be positive and sunny, but you’re in your 20s and going through what 20 year olds go through.

"We are all multi dimensional people and there is always loads going on under the surface that no one knows about. There is always s**t going on, we’re all human."

Looking back on some of the strange fan experiences she had back in the day, Rachel can empathise with Charlotte Church's recent Life Stories revelation that fans asked her to sign fake nude photos.

"That sounds like my life!" she says. "I remember people putting your head on different bodies. That was a big thing at one point.

"I also remember someone getting in backstage at one of our tours once. We were getting ready in hair and make up and someone just launched into the dressing room. There were some bizarre, bizarre things. People have shown me tattoos that they have done of my face!"

Would she also consider following in Charlotte's footsteps and donning one of those Masked Singer costumes for a future series?

"I love The Masked Singer, it's such a great show, so maybe, she teases.My girls love it too."

Speaking of her girls, Amelie, 11, and Minnie, 7 – who she shares with actor husband Alex Bourne – Rachel says they are looking forward to a big day in the household next week.

"Pancake day is always a big one in my house, I’ve always loved it even before I had my girls," explains the Sweet Dreams My LA Ex singer, who has teamed up with Nutella to celebrate the occasion and created a recipe on their website.

"My girls love Nutella too, although my husband is usually the one who will be doing the pancake flipping," she smiles. "He’s the better tosser than me!"

Rachel Stevens is working with Nutella to celebrate Pancake Day. Visit the Nutella website for the recipe Rachel’s created, and many more – all topped with a delicious touch of Nutella! https://www.nutella.com/pancake-day-recipe

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