Danielle Lloyd reveals full extent of nightmare boob job in emotional appearance on Botched Up Bodies as she admits she suffers from depression and anxiety

DANIELLE Lloyd has revealed the full extent of her botched up boob job during an emotional appearance on Celebrity Botched Up Bodies.

The former WAG, who last night revealed she's been battling depression and anxiety recently, stripped down for a brave new appearance on the show, set to air next week, following her traumatic procedures under the knife.

Standing topless in a teaser photo, Danielle reveals the full extent of her latest breast enhancements, which she previously admitted left her feeling "disgusted".

The model, 32, previously underwent a procedure in 2012 after a breast implant exploded and was left fighting for her life after she lost six pints of blood.

She later went under the knife again to correct her boobs, which have become
misshapen from years of operations.

Speaking about the terrifying moment her implant ruptured previously, Danielle said: “I had a massive blood clot in my chest and almost died. I lost six pints of blood. It was serious.

“I’m not silly. I know the more surgery that I have, the more complications can occur, but hopefully there is something the surgeon can do.”

Danielle later appeared on Celebrity Botched Up Bodies on Channel 5 at the time.


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In the episode, she revealed her self-esteem hit rock bottom as a result and was a factor in her divorce from football Jamie O’Hara in 2014.

She confessed: “I was absolutely devastated and I knew I wouldn’t have any breasts. I just had sagging skin – it was disgusting.

“It affected my marriage – I didn’t feel confident, didn’t like him seeing me naked.”

Meanwhile, Danielle has since admitted she's battled anxiety and depression recently, after watching her ex Jamie O'Hara on Celebrity Big Brother.

The former model also claims she’s been taunted daily by people who are messaging her about her ex-husband Jamie O’Hara’s behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

During an interview with The Sun Online last week, Danielle admitted to having such bad anxiety that she was “scared to leave the house”.

But after she was spotted out and about with her three young sons from her relationship with Jamie, she was accused of lying.

Danielle wouldn't stand for their cruel accusations however and tweeted: “I still have 3 children to take to school and feed!!!

“I've got depression & anxiety but I have to be strong for them!!!”

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Speaking about Celebrity Big Brother, Danielle later told her followers: “I don't have to watch I get tweeted and texts every second of the day telling me what he has said and get trolled!!”

Danielle has made no secret of the abuse she’s been receiving, telling The Sun: “Some are really vile, calling me a slag and all sorts of swear words.

“I’m suffering from panic attacks and now I only go out when I have to because I’m frightened someone will recognise me and have a go.

“My chest feels really tight all the time because of the stress and anxiety and sometimes I can’t breathe.

“Even the school run has become difficult because people are looking at me in the playground. I don’t deserve this kind of abuse. It isn’t fair.”

She also addressed Jamie’s accusations that she was a “financial drain” during a candid conversation with his Celebrity Big Brother housemates.

She later took to Twitter where she claimed she receives no money from her ex and the father of her three kids.

Danielle explained: “At the time, he was still a successful footballer and I was a successful model.

“I was earning about £25,000 a week compared to Jamie’s £7,000 a week. I had my own house in London and I’d bought myself a Bentley.

“The Range Rover I drive now, I bought with my own money. I’ve always paid my own way.

“I’ve just enrolled on a course to study interior design and photography.

"I know the modelling won’t last forever.”

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