Dark season 3 explained: Are Jonas and Martha alive? The huge clue you missed

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Netflix series Dark wrapped up recently after season three dropped on the American streaming service. The show is possibly one of the most complex but rewarding feats of television storytelling ever. However, the final episode has left many perplexed about the fate of the two main heroes.

Are Jonas and Martha still alive in Dark?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Dark season 3

In a nutshell, season three of Dark ended with Martha Nielsen (played by Lisa Vicari) and Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) untying the knot between their respective worlds.

They managed to do this by travelling to the Origin World, which created their own twisted, interconnected dimensions.

During their journey to the Origin World, the pair entered something which looked like a vortex tunnel allowing them to travel through dimensions and time.

While in this time space continuum, the teens lost each other in the endless void.


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As the star-crossed lovers tried to find each other, they both as vision. Jonas saw a young Martha gazing at him after she opened a cupboard door.

Her mother Katharina Nielsen (Jordis Triebel) called for her, before finding Martha gazing at Jonas inside the vortex.

But when she looked in, Katharina could see nothing and was left puzzled by the boy Martha claimed was there.

Teenager Martha had a similar vision where she saw a young Jonas looking at her.

Again, Jonas’ father Michael Kahnwald (Sebastian Rudolph) came along and saw nothing when he looked in Martha’s direction in the vortex.

Jonas and Martha eventually found each other inside the vortex before making it to the Origin World, where they stopped time travel from being invented in the first place.

This meant, their two worlds would never be created and the endless apocalyptic knot would be undone once and for all.

After succeeding, the pair had one final scene where they discussed what they had seen in the vortex, before they evaporated into nothing as their worlds ceased to exist.

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While the Vortex might have been a nice touch or a homage to Eighties adventure and sci-fi movies, it also seemed to suggest a version of Martha and Jonas existed somewhere out in the ether.

The visions they saw in the vortex may have versions of themselves in different dimensions.

The fact Michael was the one to find Jonas as child seemed to emphasise the notion of another, happier world where the two teens existed without the impending doom of the apocalypse.

Martha and Jonas may have stopped time travel from existing but Dark made clear it was possible as well as travel through dimensions.


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Although the pair may have undone events, there’s nothing to suggest they aren’t alive in these other worlds or dimensions.

Additionally, time travel and world-hopping may be entirely possible in these other dimensions but the means to do remains a mystery for now.

Another hint Jonas and Martha might be alive happened when Hannah Kahnwald (Maja Schöne) saw a distinctive yellow raincoat and said she planned to name her unborn son Jonas.

Hannah could well give birth to a different version of Jonas and so he would exist.

Similarly, Katharina was sat at the dining table in the final scene. Even though Martha wasn’t present, there was nothing explicit to suggest Katharina didn’t have children.

Dark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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