Dark season 3 explained: How did Mikkel Nielsen travel to the past?

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Netflix series Dark was one of the most involving dramas to be released by the streaming service. The series has a rich story with many characters and explored free will versus determinism. Time travel was also integral to the plot of Dark and had a huge role to play.

How did Mikkel Nielsen travel to the past?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from all seasons of Dark

Dark first started with the disappearance of missing boys in the German town on Winden.

What on the surface seemed like another crime drama quickly became something more after Mikkel Nielsen (played by Daan Lennard Liebrenz) vanished into the caves.

In season one of Dark, viewers saw Mikkel and Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) running through the woods together however the teen fell and lost sight of the boy.

Viewers next saw Mikkel in the past but were unsure about how he’d ended up going through time in the first place.

Jonas eventually went through time and saw Mikkel now living the 80s, but he was told he couldn’t take the boy back to his family otherwise he himself would cease to exist.

Mikkel’s passage through time remained something of a mystery until season two when it emerged a future version of Jonas had taken Mikkel’s hand and led him into the caves.

Jonas did this so he would exist with Mikkel becoming his father Michael Kahnwald (Sebastian Rudolph).

This action essentially helped to create the knot which bound the two worlds together.

Adam (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) also sent Jonas back through time and told him to stop his father Michael from taking his own life.

However, this action meant Jonas was inciting the event to happen after Michael believed it was necessary to the cycle.

By the time viewers got to season three, there had been several attempts by both Ulrich Nielsen (Oliver Masucci) and his wife Katharina (Jördis Triebel) to rescue their son from the past.

Sadly, Ulrich overshot and ended up in the 1950s where he became trapped in time.

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Finally, when he got to the 80s he managed to escape from the local mental asylum and tried to rescue Mikkel.

But the father and son were caught with Ulrich being put back in the hospital and Mikkel’s carer Ines Kahnwald (Angela Winkler) taking her adoptive son to a new address after the attempted kidnap.

Katharina was left devastated in season three when she ventured back to the 80s but failed to locate her son.

She went to Ines’ house to find it empty and the occupants gone, leading her to Ulrich.

Katharina found the old version of Ulrich in the asylum and promised to rescue him.

But fate ensured this would never happen after she was killed by Helene Albers (Katharina Spiering), who was her own mother no less.

Following her death, Ines and Mikkel were seen returning to their home after it was deemed safe.

This means, there was no way for Mikkel to return to the future and so this meant he would always become Michael and so the cycle continued.

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