David Walliams promises Matt Lucas reunion after Little Britain gets Netflix axe

David Walliams has teased another Matt Lucas reunion, saying he "definitely" wants to work with him again.

The comedian's hope to work together again comes after their shows Little Britain and Come Fly With Me were pulled off Netflix, BBC iPlayer and BritBox after backlash around some of the characters of different races, sexualities or gender identities.

But David said on Lorraine on Thursday: "We did Little Brexit together, something for Children in Need and Comic Relief, but weirdly we have to film them in our own homes.

"But we definitely want to work together again."

Their comedy skit shows were pulled from streaming services earlier this year, with the BBC and BritBox saying "times have changed" since they were first broadcast.

A BBC spokesperson said back in June: "There's a lot of historical programming available on BBC iPlayer, which we regularly review.

"Times have changed since Little Britain first aired so it is not currently available on BBC iPlayer."

Even Matt Lucas himself has condemned the content of the controversial show, which first ran between 2003 and 2008 on television, including a number of specials.

The Great British Bake Off host said: "If I could go back and do Little Britain again, I wouldn't make those jokes about transvestites. I wouldn't play black characters.

"Basically, I wouldn't make that show now. It would upset people. We made a more cruel kind of comedy than I'd do now."

However he did say he would like to bring the show back in some form, adding: "We're just still figuring out what that will be."

Netflix denied that they had been in any conversations about reviving Little Britain, despite Matt suggesting he and David had been speaking to the streaming giant.

Meanwhile, Come Fly With Me was pulled from BritBox in November last year and was not available on BBC iPlayer after it aired in 2010 and 2011.

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