David Walliams reveals he's writing a new TV series with Little Britain co-star Matt Lucas

DAVID WALLIAMS have revealed he is writing a new TV series with Little Britain co-star Matt Lucas.

The comedians worked together on the popular sketch comedy show between 2003 and 2007.

David will appear on the Jonathan Ross show on Saturday night and announced his plans to work with Matt again.

He said: "Yes I’d like to. Me and Matt are meeting up and talking about projects. We took my mum out for dinner. We are discussing projects.

“We just have an idea of something we want to do. The idea – where we play lots of different characters, which is, you know, something people expect from us.

The Britain's Got Talent judge added: "So we’re just going to start writing it, and if we feel it’s good and we want to share it with people, we’ll ask if anyone wants to put it on TV.”

The actor also spoke about the next series and whether Simon Cowell will be be on the show.

The music mogul suffered a horrific motorbike accident last year and due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been confirmed the 15th series will air next year instead.

Walliams shared: “Apparently he’s coming back to the show and we’re meant to be doing the show next year. 

“We couldn’t do it this year because – with everything that’s going on – audiences and also there’s 50 people in a choir, 100 people in a dance group, that kind of thing, which is a shame.

He continued: "But it’s probably good for the audience, quite nice to have a break and then you have a bit of a comeback.”

David has written a series of children's books and his next story will be titled Mega Monster – and his 8-year-old son came up with the name.

Speaking about his son and how he inspires him, David says: “I have an 8-year-old son who is all the time giving me ideas for stories.

The wonderful thing about kids is they’ll just say, ‘Behind that door is dinosaurs’ and you think, ‘That would be a brilliant thing in a book.

He kept on talking about a ‘mega monster’ – a monster made up of all the monsters. That’s a great title.

He’s very proud about coming up with this title and helping me.” 

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