‘Days Of Our Lives’ 5/8 Episode Recap: Truth Of Andre’s Murder Revealed, Kate Finds Out Vivian’s Plan

On the May 8 episode of ‘Days of Our Lives’ numerous storylines come full circle. Revelations surrounding Chad and Abby are just the beginning of today’s drama-packed episode. Viewers watched Vivian’s plans unravel and some of Will’s questions get answered.

Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives was a pivotal moment for a majority of the storylines we have been seeing lately. Today’s Days concentrates primarily on Chad and Abigail, but there were some special moments sprinkled around the other citizens of Salem.

Against her will, Hope has to release Stefan from the custody of the Salem PD. While Gabigail was in charge of Abby’s body, she made a deal with the DA in exchange for the whereabouts of three of Salem’s most iconic characters, Marlena, Vivian, and Kate. As part of the deal, Stefan and Gabigail were to receive immunity for all of the crimes leading up to that point. The deal for immunity does not extend to the death of Andre DiMera.

Stefan immediately leaves the hospital and heads to the police station looking for his beloved Gabigail. He is informed that Abby has fought through and Gabigail is now gone, for now anyway. Days viewers watched as Stefan steals the dark wig previously worn by Gabigail and heads out in search of her.

In the Horton Town Square, Paul and Will are sitting down to a lunch date and discussing the events of the past 24 hours, which they spent apart. Will informs Paul that Dr. Ralf kept journals and the key to the serum may potentially be found in one of them if only Will is able to locate the location of Ralf’s writings.

Paul fills Will in on the investigation on Leo. As he is talking about his suspicions, Sonny approaches the table. After defending him, Sonny warns Paul to steer clear of Leo. Will admits that he is worried about Sonny. He doesn’t want to see him get hurt.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate confronts Vivian (Louise Sorel) about Leo. At first, Vivian denies everything, but at that very moment Leo walks into the room and states, “Hey boss, I got your text.” Kate isn’t buying Vivian’s lies and threatens to call the police on grounds of scheming to take down Titan under false pretenses as well as corporate espionage against DiMera Enterprises. Vivian offers Kate a deal in exchange for cutting her in on the profit. Kate did not give Vivian an answer in today’s episode of Days of Our Lives.

Fans of the daytime soap opera were ecstatic to witness the reunion of power couple Chad and Abby on both Friday and Monday’s episodes of Days of Our Lives. Abby is confused about her current situation and is begging for answers from her husband Chad. Marlena has warned Chad not to disclose too much information for fear that Abby cannot handle the whole truth at one time.

Instead of telling Abby what they think may have happened to cause her psyche to split into different personalities, Marlena has a plan. On today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Chad takes Abby around Salem. It is Chad and Marlena’s hope that Abby will be able to piece together the happenings of the night Andre died. With Dr. Laura, one of Abby’s personalities, out of the way, the memories from that night should no longer be blocked from Abby’s recollection.

As they travel around Salem, Abby does, in fact, remember the events of the night that Andre died. While standing in town, she remembers heading to confront Andre after running into Gabi. As Abby stood outside of Andre’s door that night, she overheard him talking to Tony’s ashes about the plan to undermine Kate and abdicate Chad from the company throne.

Abby entered the office and confronted Andre. After listening to what he had to say in his defense, Abby promised to tell Chad and Kate everything. Andre, who admitted to loving Kate, refused to let Abby leave the office. He was unwilling to let her ruin everything that he has tried to put together. He begged her for a chance to figure out how to fix the damage he has caused. Abby tried to leave and Andre strengthened his grasp on her arms. In self-defense, Abby struggled and was able to free one of her arms. She grabbed Tony’s urn from the desk behind her and hit Andre over the head. Before taking his last breath, Andre told Abby that he loved her.

Abby is understandably distraught by the new knowledge regarding her involvement in the death of her brother-in-law and friend, and she begins to sob. Chad holds her and tells her everything is going to be okay. Days of Our Lives fans wonder if things really will be okay.

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