‘Days Of Our Lives’ May 1 Episode Recap: Abby Deals With DA, Andre’s Deceit Revealed, Women Collapse In Tunnel

Today’s episode of ‘Days of Our Lives’ marks the beginning of the end for Gabigail, as well as the end of the love she and Stefan share.

The Tuesday, May 1 episode of Days of Our Lives marks the beginning of the end for Abby’s alternate personalities. Days viewers are aware that when Abigail DiMera killed Andre, her psyche split into two separate alternate personalities. Abby’s personalities, Gabby and Dr. Laura, have been at the forefront of the Days of Our Lives storyline for quite some time. In an effort to negate confusion, viewers of the show have dubbed the dark-haired as Gabigail.

In the tunnels, Vivian is having difficulty breathing. Vivian, Kate, and Marlena have been locked up in the tunnels under the DiMera mansion since finding out the truth about Abby. They soon realize that they must be running out of oxygen. There is no air flow coming through the door.

Kate and Marlena begin looking for an air vent in the room. Vivian goes back to drinking, claiming that she is conserving oxygen. Kate becomes irritated with Vivian and says, “If you don’t get up off your a** I am going to make sure you don’t need any oxygen ever again, ever.”

The women move a cupboard and find a grate. It looks as if they will have some airflow after all. They pry it open and find that the grate is covered with brick.

Vivian looks at Kate and states “If we croak you will be reunited with Andre in Hell.” Kate replied that she is not going to argue religion with Vivian, however, she is looking forward to finding out whether or not she meant more to Andre than money and power. It is then that Days of Our Lives viewers hear Vivian tell Kate all about Andre’s deception. Vivian reveals the entire plan for Stefan to take over DiMera and how Andre helped their plan become a reality. Kate finds it hard to believe.

At the Salem PD, Gabigail is feeling cornered. She has a long conversation with Abby’s other alternate personality, Dr. Laura. The two personalities discuss the mess that they have gotten Abby into. Dr. Laura admits that she has cut off the air supply to the room in the tunnels. She plans to have Stefan committed for the murder of the women locked in the tunnels.

Gabigail, who is in love with Stefan refuses to let that happen. On today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Gabigail makes a deal with DA Melinda Trask. The deal for immunity does not extend to the murder of Andre DiMera, but Gabigail doesn’t care. She received immunity for herself and Stefan in exchange for the whereabouts of Vivian, Marlena, and Kate.

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John, Hope, and Paul rush to the DiMera mansion in search of the missing women. By the time they get to the women, however, all three are lying motionless on the floor. Days of Our Lives viewers can only hope that it isn’t too late to save them.

Today on Days, Jennifer arrives at the hospital and threatens Stefan for answers. The only thing Stefan says is that Jennifer doesn’t understand the whole story and that he is sorry. This statement confuses and infuriates Jennifer further. She screams at Stefan for raping her daughter.

“I know my precious baby girl would never cheat on her husband and she would never consent to give you her body or her mind. You are a monster.”

Now that Gabigail has given away the location of the three women who know her secret, it is only a matter of time before everyone in Salem understands that Stefan is not behind Abby’s mental illness. Days of Our Lives fans know that, although Stefan didn’t cause her psyche to split, he certainly encouraged it and neglected to get Abby the help she needs. How far does Stefan’s immunity extend in a case such as this? If you missed the May 1 episode of Days of Our Lives, it will be ready to stream on NBC tomorrow.

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