‘Days Of Our Lives’ Recap For Tuesday, August 28: Marlena’s Life Is On The Line!

The Days of Our Lives recap for Tuesday, August 28 brings intense moments as Marlena flatlines during surgery to remove the bullet lodged close to her heart. Plus, Kristen holds Eve hostage.

Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) used Eve’s (Kassie DePaiva) phone to call Brady (Eric Martsolf), and she taunted him. Brady demanded to talk to Eve, and Eve read a prepared message while Kristen held a gun to her chest. Kristen warned Brady to come alone if he wanted to see Eve alive again.

Paul (Christopher Sean) explained to a struggling Will (Chandler Massey) precisely what happened at John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) wedding. Kristen kidnapped Sami (Alison Sweeney), and ultimately Sami ended up shooting Marlena, and Paul wasn’t confident the gunshot was an accident. Will struggled to believe that because Kristen had come after his family before.

At the hospital, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) tried to reassure Eric (Greg Vaughn) about Valerie’s (Vanessa Williams) excellent skills as a surgeon. Belle (Kirsten Storms) appeared with coffee and tried to soothe the devastated man. Meanwhile, Rafe (Galen Gering) arrested Sami, and she blamed Kristen. Sami told him about how Kristen kidnapped and drugged her. He asked her to go downtown, but she refused, which meant Rafe had to arrest her.

In the room, Marlena flatlined, so Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Valerie started CPR. While John begged her to fight, they used a defibrillator on her and epinephrine in an attempt to restart Marlena’s heart. Rafe let Sami go, and people started in on her. Then, Steve (Stephen Nichols) arrived and updated everybody on Marlena’s condition. Her heart started again, and the bullet lodged near it. Sami and Belle had words, and Sami attempted to apologize, but Belle wouldn’t hear it.

Will arrived and hugged his mother while he continued to flashback to his life memories. Sami told her son what happened and begged him to believe her, and he agreed that he believed her. Then Will begged Marlena to come back and pull through. Briefly, Marlena woke up, and she faded in and out while her family talked to her.

When it was Sami’s turn, she begged her mom to believe her, and John held Sami as she cried. Eventually, Rafe had to take Sami to SPD to book her. When they willed his wife to surgery, John sobbed as he clutched her bloody wedding gown.

At SPD, Brady lied to Paul and said he hadn’t heard from Kristen. Brady used going to the hospital to check on Marlena as an excuse to leave, and he went to Salem Inn to see Kristen.

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