‘Deadpool 2’ Original Post-Credit Scene Involving Baby Hitler Was Nixed Because It Was Too Controversial

The post-credit scene for the first Deadpool was simple and very funny, but the original after-credits scene for Deadpool 2 would have likely caused a big stir. Marvel has made these sequences after the credits legendary, and some some fans consider them as highly-anticipated as the featured film itself. But the writers of Deadpool 2, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, recently revealed that they changed a controversial post-credit scene.

This wasn’t just a scene simply written out on paper as a concept, they had already shot it. In a recent interview with Uproxx, the Deadpool 2 writers explained why they removed the original sequence. Reese explained that at the end of the credits, Deadpool goes back in time to kill baby Hitler. The duo explained that they shot the scene and tested it out in front of an audience. They described the scenario in detail, and how the test audience responded.

They revealed that Deadpool is at a German nursery and is leaning over the crib of baby Hitler. The Marvel superhero leans over the crib, and that’s when the writers remarked that the crowd’s reaction “was kind of this, ‘ohhhhh.’” Since that’s not the reaction that the filmmakers were going for, it ended up coming out. The creative pair also said that the final part of the sequence was Deadpool saying, “Maximum effort!” The character then reaches down to throttle the baby. Rhett remarked that it is a squeamish scene.

Paul Wernich also described a draft where the sequence is backed up even more. Deadpool is looking at baby Hitler and is having second thoughts. Wernich said that Deadpool remarks, “God, that is a toughie,” and then pulls out a Sharpie. He draws a Hitler-esque mustache on the infant, declares “Maximum effort,” and then goes in for the kill. Since the baby resembled the evil dictator “just enough,” Deadpool got the courage to follow through.


While the audience likely enjoyed the idea of Hitler never existing, the depiction of a baby being throttled is never pleasant. So, it looks like the filmmakers made a good call with this one. Marvel fans can see what post-credit scene was used soon enough as Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18, 2018.

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