Death In Paradise: ‘Don’t be ridiculous’ Ralf Little addresses major plot hole

DI Neville Parker (played by Ralf Little) is settling into life as the lead detective on the island of Saint Marie after joining Death In Paradise halfway through the current series. BBC viewers have welcomed the actor into the role but eagle-eyed fans will have spotted a major plot hole when Neville stepped onto the island to help solve his first murder case.

Ralf supposedly made his debut in Death In Paradise during the fifth episode of the ninth series.

However, the actor has in fact been in the BBC drama before as a murder suspect and was questioned by then-DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller).

In season two episode titled A Dash Of Sunshine, Ralf starred as Will Teague who was cleared of the murder in question as it was his brother who committed the crime.

Speaking to ahead of the series, Ralf explained he was shocked when show producers got in touch about the detective role due to his original cameo.

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When his agent gave him the news, he said: “Don’t be ridiculous, I’ve already done an episode I can’t be a guest again.

“I can’t just go in and be a murderer or a red herring or something like that,” he explained.

“Then my agent said, ’No, no they mean for a new detective,’ and I was like ‘What?’”

When asked whether bosses planned to address his season two appearance, Ralf remarked: “We are absolutely not referencing it.”

Ralf explained there were some talks early on about including a cryptic message for fans but ultimately decided against it.

“There were some discussions about whether we should do a kind of cheeky little reference, or a nod or a wink or a clever little joke in the show,” Ralf said.

“Then we thought you know what, just leave it, people are going to know.

“And it’s fine, and we can just accept that as part of the show’s history and move on.”

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The Death In Paradise star revealed his unusual double-debut on the show isn’t unusual and referenced other shows that have done the same.

Ralf said: “In the TV world, it’s not that unusual, to be honest. I was four different characters in Heartbeat and Peter Capaldi was in an episode of Doctor Who before he was Doctor Who.”

Meanwhile, Ralf has admitted to some of the challenges he faced when joining the Death In Paradise cast halfway through the series.

“I loved it,” Ralf confessed when asked how he enjoyed filming. “Admittedly I was only there for two and a half months and everyone else was there for five.


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“Maybe by month four people were like, ‘Okay, I’m a little tired now’ or whatever.”

“But that said, I think I started to annoy everyone with my relentless positivity because I just loved it.

“Every day I turned up going ‘this is brilliant, is everyone having a nice time?’

“And they’d go, ‘Stop being so chirpy we’re all knackered.’”

Death In Paradise continues tonight on BBC One at 9pm.

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