Defiant Piers returns to GMB despite being urged to isolate over coronavirus

Piers Morgan defiantly returned to Good Morning Britain today despite facing calls to self-isolate due to coronavirus, following contact from co-host Susanna Reid.

The GMB presenter, 54, was joined by Charlotte Hawkins on the ITV programme yesterday after Susanna was forced to stay at home following new government advice on Monday about coronavirus.

Yesterday on the programme, she explained that she was forced to go into self-isolation with the rest of her family after her son began displaying symptoms of coronavirus.

She confirmed that she wasn't showing any symptoms at all and that before the government advice yesterday, she would have come into work.

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Susanna also hit out at the lack of government testing for coronavirus and that she had a "lot of questions" regarding her next 14 days of self-isolation.

However, despite being in contact with Susanna, who may potentially have coronavirus, Piers appeared on the ITV programme with co-host Ranvir Singh.

He was also back locking horns with Dr Hilary, who he insisted he had real "respect" for but needed to question the reasoning behind the government's action over the virus.

In particular, he questioned the government's reluctance in closing schools: "What teachers are saying to me in large numbers is… why not?"

However Dr Hilary pointed out that, while many other countries had closed schools, "no two countries in the world have the same policies".

Piers retorted: "Surely it's the same virus? In New York they've closed schools."

"I would put our money on our scientific advisors," Dr Hilary replied.

On Tuesday, Susanna also pointed out the issue that the government weren't testing for coronavirus unless patients were hospitalised.

"You don't know your son has coronavirus," Piers pointed out.

"You might have absolutely no reason and you might go back into the world and you might actually get it."

Susanna added: "And remember, we heard from the world health organisation – test, test, test – and here, we're not testing until isolating… it might be just a cough!"

*Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV

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