Dermot O’Leary snaps at This Morning caller after she rejects Spin to Win prize

This Morning presenter Dermot O'Leary snapped at today's Spin To Win champion, when she expressed disappointment over her prize.

Alongside his co-star Alison Hammond, Dermot hosted another session of the TV quiz show, ringing viewers in the hopes they would deliver the correct password.

The presenting duo was in luck, as the first caller – Sue – managed to nail it on her first attempt.

Delighted, they offered to spin the wheel on Sue's behalf, as Alison promised to try her best to land on the £3,000 mark.

Alison asked: "How does it feel that you actually know you’re going to win some dosh?"

With the wheel in motion, Sue declared: "Come on, give me the big ones!"

Unfortunately, despite Alison's best efforts, the wheel ground to a halt at the £800 point, meaning Sue's win was significantly less than she was hoping for.

Fuming, Sue announced: "No, no, no. We want £3000!"

Dermot was quick to stamp out any complaints, as he started laughing and hit back: "We all want £3000, Sue!"

The presenting duo tried to cheer Sue up by offering her the infamous "bag of shizzle," which was filled with This Morning jigsaws and candles.

Alison consoled her by referring to the bag and saying: "Don’t worry darling, we’ve got a prize that is worth £3,000. It’s a money-can’t-buy prize."

Dermot added: "It probably doesn't run to the value of £3,000. Just to be clear."

Sue was instructed to name the I'm A Celeb star who was due to appear on the show, Vernon Kay.

However, Sue confessed she'd been busy working all morning and didn't get the chance to catch wind of the celebrity's name.

"I am working. I've got it on in the background," she explained.

Vernon's face appeared on the camera, and Sue guessed his name correctly, only for Dermot to snap: "Stop sweet-talking him! You weren't even watching him early on!"

At the end of the prizegiving, Dermot revealed next Monday's show will see a revamped edition of Spin to Win hitting our screens, complete with even bigger prizes.

Teasing the exciting competition revamp, he announced: "Find out what that is on Monday!"

This Morning airs on weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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