'Devastated' Kieran Hayler still calls Katie Price his wife and wears his wedding ring after desperately trying – and failing – to win her back after cheating scandal

Even though Katie and Kieran’s marriage is officially over, as revealed by The Sun yesterday, he’s still wearing his wedding ring and calls Katie ‘the Mrs’.

“Kieran’s devastated – as recently as March he thought he could win her back,” says a friend close to the family.

“He’d promise her another baby, another wedding, whatever she wanted.

“But now, he’s slowly coming to accept it’s over between him and Katie.

“They want to stay cordial – everyone wants what’s best for the kids.

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The marriage is over, according to insiders

“But Kieran’s still living in the house – in the spare room – so it’s hard for him.

“He still calls her ‘the Mrs’ and I think he will wear his wedding ring until the divorce actually happens.”

The couple have Bunny and Jett together, and Kieran will stay living in the family home to care for Katie’s other children, Princess, Junior and Harvey.

As The Sun exclusively revealed earlier today, Kieran suspects Katie has already moved on and is seeing other men.

“He’s convinced she’s already dating other people and suspects she has been doing for a little while,” says a friend.

“She has been out a lot and even stayed away overnight and grown close to a couple of new guys.

“One of the people he suspects she is now close to is Brighton player Shane Duffy, but he isn’t sure if there are others too.

“She spends a lot of time taking phone calls out of earshot which he thinks could well be other men. Either way, he knows there is no going back.”

Katie has recently been back on the party scene –cuddling up to Love Island’s Rykard Jenkins in Sheesh this week.

Earlier this week she went to Portugal and stripped topless in front of male friends.

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