Devastating ‘Daily Show’ Satire Mixes White Paranoia With ‘Minoirity Report’

A video showing a white woman calling police on a black man after he simply asked her to leash her dog dominated social media on Tuesday.

In response, Trevor Noah and The Daily Show crew dreamt up a scathing satire of white paranoia. Called “Minorities Report,” the video offers a clever riff on the Tom Cruise-Steven Spielberg movie.

“The year is 2038,” says the text accompanying the video. “White people are no longer calling the cops on innocent black people. Why? @roywoodjr’s shadow force, the PreCops.”

What follows is an sendup of a future wherein only sophisticated precognition tech can help the PrCops force save a black lawyer doing sudoku on a park bench from being labeled “a drug dealer” by a frightened “white lady.”

A second scene shows a busybody white man about to call the cops on a grade-school black girl who, he suspects, “doesn’t have a permit” for her lemonade stand. When the PreCops point out she’s just a little girl the man responds, “Look what Beyonce did with lemonade. You can’t trust them!”

The video had nearly a quarter-million views in its first two hours on Twitter.

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