Diana: A New Musical – Netflix release date, cast and plot of the musical

NETFLIX is to screen a controversial musical about Princess Diana — after signing up her son Harry and his wife Meghan in a £112million deal.

The production is likely to cause outrage as in the show the Queen calls the princess a “tart”, while another scene sees Diana in bed with James Hewitt.

When is Diana: A New Musical going to be released on Netflix?

The streaming giant is to air the show despite signing Di’s son Harry and wife Meghan in the mega deal.

Netflix plans to record the stage show and air the programme next year.

Who is in the cast of Diana: A New Musical?

Diana – played by Brit actress Jeanna De Waal

Charles – played by Roe Hartrampf

Camilla – played by Erin Davie

The Queen – played by US stage star Judy Kaye

What is Diana: A New Musical about?

The stage show details the breakdown of Charles and Diana’s marriage with swathes of vulgar dialogue and scenes of fiction.

Diana squares up to Camilla in one scene, while another sees her kissing polo player James Hewitt in bed.

Diana is also shown to self-harm after Charles moans about “another boy” when Harry is born.

The show was previewed in New York in March — with theatregoers promised a tale about a “fearless princess who became timeless”.

However, a planned Broadway run was cancelled amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It opens with Camilla urging Charles to marry Diana instead because she was a better fit for royalty.

She also says Diana is “remarkably pretty”, with the prince replying: “You know I don’t care about that.”

Charles mocks Diana’s musical taste and says she likes “Duran, Duran, Duran”. But the sordid drama begins after they marry and have children.

When their second son Harry is born, Charles tells Diana: “Another boy. It seems you have ignored my request for a girl.”

In a rage, Diana punches a mirror and begins to self-harm. She is later shown in hospital with a bloodied bandage around her wrist.

An aide says that her sons have been told she is “not well”.

The second act kicks off with a shirtless Hewitt in riding boots astride a ­saddle with thrusting female dancers parading around him.

They also belt out the far-from-subtle words: “Oooh, I can take you for a ride…you’ll dismount satisfied.”

Di and Hewitt then flirt about taking riding lessons together and he jokes: “You’ll like my horse.”

In another scene they kiss in bed, with Hewitt in just his boxers while Diana is seen putting on her dress.

The musical, written by playwright Joe DiPietro and Bon Jovi keyboard player David Bryan, ends with reports of Diana’s death in a car crash in 1997.

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