Disney Debuts 'Rise of Skywalker' Early for Terminally Ill 'Star Wars' Fan

CEO Bob Iger responded to a man’s dying wish to see the film with his son weeks ahead of the movie’s Dec. 20 release date

In "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," stormtroopers are getting yet another makeover, and while Comic-Con 2019 fans will be first to see the new look up close, you can check out some photos right now.On Wednesday, the official "Star Wars" site released the first images of "Sith Troopers," the newest incarnation of the franchise's iconic Empire soldiers. Distinguished from ordinary "Star Wars" stormtroopers by their bright red color instead of white, they also feature intricately detailed armor rather than mainly smooth curves.The images were taken from this year's line of "Star Wars" Comic-Con exclusives. First, check out Hasbro's "Black Series" special edition Sith Trooper action figure, which SDCC 2019 attendees will be able to buy for $32.00. LucasfilmPretty cool.And here's a look at the limited edition Sith Trooper Comic-Con pin, which attendees can get for $30 bucks. LucasfilmHead over to starwars.com to see more Star Wars Comic-Con exclusives.Of course, we know this isn't the first time we've seen red-clad "Star Wars" bad guys. "Return of the Jedi" had the Emperor's Royal Guard, who in addition to their menacing red armor also wore red cloaks. And "The Last Jedi" introduced the Praetorian Guard, a samurai-inspired take on stormtroopers.But given their name — the Sith were of course the bad guys who wiped the Jedi out in the "Star Wars" prequels — Sith Troopers might have more to offer than cool uniforms. We'll see when "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" lands in theaters Dec. 20.

Technically, it’s called a “Sith Trooper”

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