Dog The Bounty Hunter and fiancée Francie Frane go on sweet ‘date night’ after he sobs over late wife Beth

DOG The Bounty Hunter took comfort in a spot of coloring on date night with Francie Frane after breaking down in tears on live television.

Just a day before, Duane 'Dog' Chapman, 67, sobbed during an interview as he tried to explain how he still held deceased wife Beth in his heart, as well as love for his new fiancée.

The pair both lost their partners to cancer, and clearly have some tragic common ground, and in an attempt to ease emotions after a difficult day they went out for dinner.

The reality star uploaded an Instagram image showing him dressed smartly in a black shirt, with his signature sunglasses.

He was getting stuck into a coloring section of the Veggie Maze kids' menu, and looked particularly intent on the task in hand.

Francie, who became engaged to Doug 11 months after Beth passed from cancer, flashed a beaming smile as she looked directly into the camera.

She wore a white top with a patterned jacket on top, and accessorized with a chunky chain necklace.

In the caption, Francie wrote: "Coloring a kids menu on date night ♥️ #pfchangs #kungpowkitty."

Doug and Francie have been criticized for getting together so soon after Beth died, but his family has sprung to his defense.

Beth passed in late June 2019 at the age of 51 after sadly losing her battle with throat cancer.

Speaking on her new engagement, Francie previously said Dog got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

In his most recent interview with Katie Souza, Duane tried to reason with fans who questioned whether he was moving too fast after the death of Beth.

He held back tears as he replied: "Let's put it like – what if it was Dog that died? And what if it was Beth who met a Christian man that spoke in a heavenly language? And loved her as much as I did and owned an airplane? What would I say?

"And what if he said, 'Dog, you are in Heaven and I would take care of her and I would love her as much as you did.'

"I would say, 'Beth, you better not lose this one.'

"I would say that, of course, fans love Beth – Beth will always be in my heart and Francie by my side.

"She's not another Mrs. Dog, she's Francie Chapman."

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