Dominic Chinea age: How old is The Repair Shop’s Dominic Chinea?

The Repair Shop guest emotional about restored doll

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Dominic Chinea has been in The Repair Shop since 2017 and has become a rising star thanks to the series. The heartwarming show aims to give old, worn-in and often broken items, which often have sentimental value, a new lease of life. While a new season is currently airing, BBC One are showing repeats from season seven every Wednesday evening.

Dominic Chinea has been with The Repair Shop from the very beginning and has grown to be among the most popular experts in the barn.

He specialises in set design, metalwork, prop making and restorations in the series.

Dominic may have a qualification in graphic design, but his real passion lies with cars and metalwork.

This is how he became the go-to man when it comes to anything to do with car restoration on The Repair Shop.

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Prior to joining the cast of the reality series, Dominic was still involved in the entertainment industry.

He worked at Rankin Studios as a production designer, assisting in building props and sets for editorial shoots and events.

Dominic has even been part of the creative process for some music videos.

Some of these include Azealia Banks’ Liquorice, Iggy Azaelea’s Slo and for Rita Ora’s video Facemelt.

How old is The Repair Shop’s Dominic Chinea?

Dominic is one of the youngest members of The Repair Shop team, along with furniture restoration expert Will Kirk.

Unfortunately, it isn’t clear exactly how old Dominic is but it is known his birthday is on May 4.

In addition to this, his co-star is 36-years-old and it is believed that Dominic is slightly younger than him.

So it is estimated The Repair Shop star is in his early 30s.

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When Dominic isn’t helping fix treasured items on the BBC series, he is spending time with his wife Maria at their house in Kent.

Maria, who is a producer, and Dominic got married on October 21, 2017, and so recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary.

The couple doesn’t have any children together but do share their home with dog Wendy.

Dominic often posts pictures of their beloved pet on his Instagram page.

The Repair Shop was last seen earlier this year for its eighth season.

As of yet, there has been no confirmation that the docu-series will be back for another series.

But given its popularity, it does seem very unlikely that The Repair Shop will be cancelled any time soon.

Repeats of The Repair Shop air every Wednesday night at 8.30pm on BBC One.

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