Dominic West and wife Catherine put on show of forced unity on a run after she told pals marriage was ‘as good as over’

DOMINIC West went on the run yesterday in another show of forced unity after his wife told friends their marriage was “as good as over”.

The Affair actor, 51, jogged ahead of Catherine FitzGerald, 49, in a bid to shift attention from his relationship with Lily James, 31.

Yesterday, The Sun revealed that West informed his wife he “had feelings” for his BBC co-star, who he kissed on a secret trip to Rome last month.

Landscape gardener Catherine told friends she could see no future for their marriage.

Hours after the report was published, West went out for a run with Catherine, who was wearing hiking boots and appeared less keen.

She jogged a little way behind and wore a fixed smile for a waiting photographer.

West turned his head and appeared to be giving Catherine some verbal encouragement in the exercise session near their Wiltshire home.

It was the couple’s second display of togetherness after the pictures of him and Lily came to light last month.

West immediately flew home to the UK and put on a forced display with Catherine outside the home they share with their four children.

He held tightly on to his wife with a signed note claiming their marriage was “strong”.

They then shared an awkward kiss for the cameras before Catherine later headed to her family’s home in Ireland.

West insisted the visit was for work but pals close to Catherine said she needed space.

Insiders have since revealed how Catherine told them there was “no way back” from her husband’s betrayal.

Body language expert Judi James noted how Catherine did not appear to be dressed for a run yesterday.

She added of her “smile”: “The lack of crinkling around her eyes creates an expression of sadness, while her closed lips turn down at the corners to create a mirthless beam.”

Lily, who split from ex-Doctor Who actor Matt Smith earlier this year, has since kept a low profile.

She is starring alongside West in upcoming period drama The Pursuit of Love.

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