Don Cheadle's War Machine Deserves an Origin Story So He's Not a Pointless MCU Character

One of the most underutilized characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is War Machine. There seems to be a growing consensus of fact to this, especially considering Don Cheadle played the part in the MCU with his usual A-list flair.

Not that War Machine (James Rhodes) never had anything to do in the MCU films. He had a few prominent scenes, if just barely any character development. As fans on social media are starting to note, “Rhodey” became a wasted opportunity in revealing who he really is.

It really is kind of odd audiences know nothing about his private life. No evidence is available he even has a family.

Now fans are rallying to give War Machine an origin story to make him as well-rounded as Tony Stark.

Why has the MCU relegated War Machine to the background?

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On Reddit, a thread was started recently noting the mysteries of War Machine and how little everyone knows about him other than his military career. Some fans think Marvel shoved James Rhodes aside because his character was a little too similar to Iron Man.

While true that War Machine’s armored suit resembles Iron Man’s, he and Tony have slightly different trajectories. Both were in the military together and became close friends when working together at Stark Industries. However, when Rhodes became War Machine, it was against Tony Stark’s wishes initially.

As tensions grew during Civil War, Rhodes and Stark stuck together, including later when the battle of Thanos raged. The closeness of that Rhodes/Stark friendship grew more when the former was paralyzed after Vision shot him down. Stark managed to get Rhodes back on his feet using hi-tech leg braces.

Of course, everyone saw War Machine take part in nabbing the Power Stone with Nebula. Plus, everyone saw Rhodey by Tony Stark’s side as the latter lay dying after sacrificing his life.

With War Machine still alive, Marvel may delve deeper into his life

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Yes, James Rhodes still lives in the current MCU timeline. Whether it means seeing him turn up as a guest in Disney+ shows is as much of a mystery as his life at home. If not, it may still bring some further analysis on what could have been.

One thing revealed recently was a deleted plot point to make War Machine U.S. Vice President in Avengers: Endgame. Had this been allowed to happen, audiences would have learned so much more about James Rhodes and how he handles power.

Now fans are wondering if he might land his own Disney+ show down the line. Some fans are almost demanding it since not giving him more background just takes away from a pivotal character.

What Don Cheadle thinks of this is another thing since he recently mentioned his contract with Marvel may be up. Or, maybe he kept things a secret about re-upping his contract for a new series.

What would a War Machine series look like?

Rumors contend if a War Machine series happens, it would probably have a military theme and be darker than anything seen before. Having it done within this realm almost sounds like DC territory since the MCU always maintains a mostly family-friendly vibe.

This sounds different from what Disney+ would allow on their service. Then again, The Mandalorian never avoids getting dark at times and worrying about Mouse House execs intervening.

Based on details from the rumor mill, a War Machine series would also feature RiRi Williams, who so happens to turn into Ironheart. The character has never been seen in the MCU  (yet), giving potential toward her becoming the focus over War Machine.

Such a scenario might not go over well if Don Cheadle is the star. If nothing else, allowing time to hone in on what James Rhodes does behind-the-scenes would only make it fair and square with the other Avengers who all had their private lives mostly exposed.

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