Dr Hilary heartbroken as NHS staff receive ‘abuse’ during pandemic

Dr Hilary Jones has urged the country to ‘be kind’ to NHS staff who are receiving abuse from some patients during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Good Morning Britain medical expert delivered a heartfelt message about the horrific treatment some receptionists, doctors and nurses continue to receive from frustrated patients. 

On Thursday, Dr Hilary explained to Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd: ‘The pressure they’re under is immense, they’re doing really long hours over and above what they’re paid to do. There are concerns about adequate PPE still whether the BMA are concerned about this. 

‘We need to protect our staff who are basically holding up the health of the nation at the moment. They are doing long hours, they’re under pressure, their mental health is suffering in many instances.

‘We know this from questionnaires that they are exhausted having done this not just in a third wave but all year.’ 

Dr Hilary noted that ‘tens of thousands’ of NHS staff are off sick with coronavirus themselves or are having to self-isolate from being exposed, while others are risking their lives everyday to care for patients with ‘no let up at all’. 

The GP continued: ‘We need to be kind to our NHS right now. I know for sure that receptionists particularly in GP surgeries and doctors themselves and nurses are having to withstand a huge amount of abuse from patients who are impatient, angry, worried of course but, it’s no time to be abusing NHS staff. 

‘We want people not to clap, not to go outside on a Thursday and clap and say, “You’re wonderful, thank you”, we need people to behave themselves, respect NHS staff and certainly never abuse them.’ 

He added: ‘Be kind.’ 

In recent weeks, social media users have added blue hearts to their names on Twitter in support of the NHS. It came about as a small group of staff were targeted for highlighting how severe Covid cases have become in London hospitals.

Earlier on GMB, Dr Hilary explained how it was possible to be reinfected with Covid-19 again from one of the new variants.

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