Duggar News: Jill Duggar Is Clapping Back at the Family That Doesn't Accept Her

The Duggar family’s in-fighting reached new levels this week with Joy-Anna Duggar liking a Duggar confessional that criticized her older sister, Jill Duggar. Jill famously stepped away from her family in a move that no one saw coming. Now, the mother of two is clapping back at the family that doesn’t accept her decision to live her life on her own terms.

Jill Duggar acknowledges that there is drama within the Duggar family

The fact that there is Duggar family drama is no big surprise. Even when the ultra-conservative Christian family’s image wasn’t yet tarnished, family followers assumed that there was trouble in the family. Josh Duggar’s back-to-back scandals in 2015 confirmed that. In 2020, Derick Dillard pulled back the curtain to reveal the underhanded dealings for Counting On. Still, Jill’s recent spree of interviews is the first time an actual Duggar has acknowledged that the family isn’t as happy as they portray on TV.

Shortly after her younger sister liked a confessional that criticized her, Jill sat down for an interview with Us Weekly. In that interview, she admitted that her family drama started shortly after she and her husband decided to step away from the family’s show, Counting On, in 2017. Things haven’t gotten any better. She admitted that many family members don’t support her decisions. While she didn’t name names, it is clear that Joy-Anna is one of those family members who don’t agree with her choices. Jessa Duggar seems to be another.

Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar seem to be on the outs, too

Joy-Anna’s very public betrayal caught family followers by surprise. Joy and Jill were close as kids and seemed to have a relationship as young adults, too. After all, Jill pretty much raised her younger sister as a member of her buddy group. What doesn’t shock fans is the notion that Jessa and Jill have drifted apart as Jill makes more and more decisions that go against her family’s strict beliefs.

Jessa called Jill and Derick liars when they suggested the family didn’t invite them to events. More recently, Jill has failed to like Jessa’s Instagram post that announced her fourth pregnancy. The post has now been live for nearly a week, and still, Jill hasn’t shown it any love. To be fair, the only Duggar who liked the announcement was Joy, though.

Which Duggar kids do support their rebel sister?

While it’s easy to figure out which siblings don’t support Jill’s decision to distance herself from her family, it’s a lot harder to figure out which ones show their sibling love, regardless of their different beliefs. As it stands, it seems clear that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have worked hard to keep Jill and Derick away from the family’s youngest children. But what about the older ones?

Jill and Derick have mentioned having some of the unmarried boys over to their home to spend time together. Jill also spent some time with James Duggar during his most recent birthday. James, just like Joy, was one of Jill’s buddies while she lived at home. It seems likely that he supports his older sister, although he or his siblings have spoken openly about the family rift.

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