EastEnders fans confused by blunder as Stacey walks to prison by foot with no police escort in soap exit

EVEN though Eastenders fans were emotional at Stacey Slater's exit, they couldn't help noticing something a bit weird.

Thursday's episode saw the cleaner played by Lacey Turner head to jail after Ruby Allen falsely accused her of pushing her down the stairs and causing her miscarriage in the BBC One soap. 

Stacey was sentenced to a year in jail, but would only serve six months if she turned herself in.

Viewers became really emotional when it came time for Stacey to say goodbye to her kids.

Her mum Jean told her: “I was just thinking you're amazing. 

“You didn't exactly have the greatest example of a mother. My biggest gift to you was bipolar and yet here you are – the best mum those kids could ask for. 

“You are only human but you are still trying. You are still hanging on in there, carrying on for them.”

"I'm so scared to say goodbye," Stacey admitted.

Jean replied: “I know, it's the worst thing – leaving. So we'll make it easy on the kids today, eh, no fuss, no big dramas. 

“You just go on your way. I know I wasn't much cop when you were little but you can rely on me when you're gone. I will take care of your children, I promise."

But through their tears, EastEnders fans thought it was a bit weird Stacey was walking herself to her sentence hearing and without a police escort.

"You can't just walk to Jail, what about the Court stuff and that," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "Why’s Stacey going on foot? She going to walk all the way to court/prison?"

And a third said: "No police even there to take her. Stacey may as well have been walking to the chippie as a duff duff."

Lacey made her comeback to EastEnders in September 2020, but subsequently she announced that she was pregnant with her second child and would be taking maternity leave. 

Speaking to OK! at the time, Lacey said: “We feel so lucky to be expecting our second baby, as it took so long to get Dusty."

The star had two heartbreaking miscarriages before conceiving her first daughter Dusty, who they welcomed into the world in July 2019.

"It took so long with Dusty," she added. "But now they’re coming along like buses! After the heartbreak we went through, it’s a miracle to fall pregnant so quickly."

In February, Lacey and her husband Matt Kay welcomed their baby boy Trilby.

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