EastEnders' Keegan Baker fighting for his life after being stabbed over stealing a gang's bike

As the Walford locals celebrate Harry and Meghan’s wedding, Keegan, played by Zack Morris in the BBC series, is in a rush to get back to the Square so he steals a bike.

Back at the flat he clashes with mum Karen (played by Lorraine Stanley) over his lateness and, during their row, the TV gets knocked over.

The Taylors head to the pub to watch the nuptials instead and Keegan shows his new bike off to Shakil Kazemi.

However his friend is far from impressed with his light-fingered mate though and warns him that the gang he stole it from have put a picture of him taking it on social media.

Keegan refuses to return it so Shakil takes matter into his own hands and takes the keys for the padlock to return it himself.

But the situation soon gets out of control as the thugs turn up at the Vic looking for Keegan, forcing the teen to take refuge in the toilets.

As Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) kicks the gang out, Keegan clocks on to what Shakil has done and rushes outside to see the bike gone.

Keegan is worried for Shakil’s safety when he spots one of the gang members in the alley.

Before he has a chance to confront him though, he’s knifed.

As he collapses, Keegan sees Shakil and realises he’s been stabbed too.

It’s not until that night that Keegan is discovered by Mick who is checking everything downstairs before bed.

He finds the schoolboy in a bad way and calls an ambulance, but as Keegan tries to tell the pub landlord about Shakil, Mick doesn’t understand him.

Keegan takes a turn for the worse and Mick makes the decision to drive him to the hospital himself and tells the ambulance to look out for him on the way.

Will he make it in time to save Keegan’s life?

  • EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights on BBC One

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