EastEnders killer Gray attacks Linda Carter as he spirals after Chantelle murder

EastEnders ' Gray Atkins (Toby Alexander Smith) starts to unravel next week, as his lies and guilt start to catch up with him.

Fans know that he killed his wife Chantelle, who he has been secretly abusing for years, after pushing her over their dishwasher which had a knife sticking up.

She had told him that she was finally leaving him and she was taking the children, but didn't mention that she had found love with local businessman Kheerat Panesar.

He left her to die so he could organise his alibi before claiming he had returned home to find her dead in the kitchen.

No one knows the sick secret that Gray is hiding, but it doesn't take long for him to start to lose control over his web of lies.

Next week, Linda is left concerned when she realises that Gray has forgotten to pick his kids up from school.

Trying to help, she picks up Mia and Mackenzie whilst also collecting Ollie, and it doesn't take long for Gray to realise what he has done.

She treats them to some fun in the park and when she comes back, she realises Gray is asleep, and decides to clear up around the house to try and help him.

But she is horrified when he wakes up and loses it when realising she has cleaned Chantelle's mug, which he hadn't yet touched since her death.

Linda is left terrified as Gray furiously lashes out at her and legs it out of the house.

Later, she confides in Shirley Carter about his furious behaviour, sparking suspicion between the pair as they share their confusion about his anger.

Is Gray finally about to be caught out for his evil crimes?

EastEnders continues on Tuesday at 7.35pm on BBC.

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