EastEnders’ Phil flies off the handle as Sharon and Dennis keep secrets

Phil Mitchell is still in the dark about what’s been happening with Dennis and the gangs, but tonight he gets suspicious with it’s clear Sharon and Dennis are hiding something from him.

He is desperate to know but in the end it’s Karen who reveals some of the truth to Phil when she speak to him and gives him Dennis’ mended jacket.

Phil is livid to be kept in the dark and confronts Sharon for keeping secrets, and also fires Keanu for his role in allowing Sharon and Dennis to keep things quiet.

Keanu stands up for Sharon, but this only makes things worse as Phil flies into an angry rage for his intervention.

How far will things go as Phil flies off the handle?

Also, Stacey gets close to the truth about Hayley when she catches Jean with a babygrow she’s bought her as a gift.

Jean also helps Hayley alter her clothes to make room for the bump, just as Stacey walks in and spots the blossoming bump on Hayley.

Meanwhile, Billy becomes suspicious of Honey, and she is forced to admit she went on a date with sexy dentist Adam.

EastEnders airs tonight at 8.30pm on BBC1.

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