EastEnders' Sharon Mitchell rejects Keanu Taylor after discovering his age

EastEnders‘ Sharon Mitchell will reject her young lover Keanu Taylor after discovering his age next week.

Sharon (Letitia Dean) has been pursuing an affair with Keanu in Phil’s absence, but she’s about to get a wake up call when she realises that he’s actually only 19.

As Keanu looks into becoming a mini cab driver, he is left gutted when he learns that he’s not old enough to get a license yet.

With Keanu disappointed over the news, Sharon is dumbstruck after learning his age and struggles to keep her discomfort to herself.

When the age gap becomes too much for Sharon to handle later on, she is forced to make her excuses to Keanu as she makes a hasty exit.

As Sharon wrestles with her feelings, she continues to distance herself from a confused Keanu, leading him to confront her about what’s going on.

Deciding that honesty is the best policy, Sharon tells Keanu that she’s simply too old for him and also points out that Phil would kill him if he ever found out.

Sharon is devastated when Keanu storms off as a result, but her true feelings for him become even more apparent when she fears he’s had an accident later in the week.

When Sharon learns that there has been a car crash in the same location as Keanu was heading off for a job interview, she is panic-stricken when she’s unable to get hold of him.

Already fearing for Keanu’s safety, Sharon’s fears intensify when Karen admits that she can’t get hold of her son either. But will he be alright? And does Sharon care about him more than she’s letting on?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, October 1, Tuesday, October 2 and Thursday, October 3 on BBC One.

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