EastEnders spoilers: Callum Highway gatecrashes Whitney Dean’s hen do with big news after a bust-up with Ben

CALLUM Highway will drop a major bombshell on fiancée Whitney Dean in tomorrow night's episode EastEnders tomorrow night just days before their wedding.

But what does he tell her?

It’s the bride and groom’s Stag and Hen parties and Callum’s brother, Stuart, is determined to make sure everything’s perfect.

But he’s infuriated when he learns that Ben Mitchell – who Callum had a fling with recently – is coming along.

Stuart’s mood suddenly shifts and he sneaks off, presumably to sort Ben out.

When Stuart returns, his behaviour makes Callum suspicious, especially as Ben has gone AWOL.

With the stag in full swing, Callum heads off looking for Ben and – struggling to cope with the pressure of everything – he finds him and drunkenly lashes out.

Later, Whitney is delighted when Callum gate crashes the hen party, but she’s left worried when he asks to speak to her alone.

What’s he going to tell her?

Meanwhile, EastEnders fans are convinced that Whitney is still going to marry secretly gay Callum, despite finding out about his fling with Ben.

Whitney (Shona McGarty) is set to uncover her husband-to-be (Tony Clay) has slept with Ben (Max Bowden) just before her nuptials next week.

But an episode synopsis for the BBC soap circulating on social media appears to hint that the wedding still goes ahead.

Twitter user Ice Queen posted a screengrab what appeared to be details of an episode that follows the wedding drama.

While the source of the information isn't clear,  it mentions that Whitney, Callum and Ben are "drinking" in the Vic in the "aftermath of the wedding".

Fans have deduced that this must mean Whitney and Callum get married, because otherwise they would not be sat drinking in the pub together along with the man Callum cheated on her with.

Ice queen said of the trio hanging out in the pub after the wedding: ""lol they what ? like nothings happened? lol and guess this confirms they do marry #ballum #eastenders."

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