EastEnders spoilers: Honey Mitchell murders Billy as death of beloved character teased?

EastEnders: Honey Mitchell makes first appearance in 2005

Honey (played by Emma Barton) was feeling relieved as her relationship with Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) was finally out in the open on EastEnders. It was fair to say Billy (Perry Fenwick) didn’t take the news too well and during Monday’s instalment of the BBC soap, he set about trying to get revenge on the pair. However, by the end of the episode, his ex-wife was the one wanting blood as he had revealed a big secret of her’s.

At the start of the latest instalment of the weeknight serial drama, Billy was seen confronting his former spouse about her new romance.

After Honey claimed she wanted to be with someone “nice” following her turbulent relationship with Adam Bateman (Stephen Rahman-Hughes), her ex-husband told her she had a “short memory”.

The stalwart then told the mother of his two children she wasn’t “serious” about Jay because she hadn’t told their son and daughter.

“Because there hasn’t been the right time,” she told the angry character to which he replied: “No because you know it’s wrong.

“And you know that’s how they’re going to see it and you’re embarrassed because he is young enough to be your son.”

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“I don’t care what you think any more, Billy,” Honey said as she stormed out the room and it wasn’t long before her ex-husband was looking for advice from his cousin, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

The latter’s ex-wife Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) had an affair with 21-year-old Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) last year which destroyed her marriage.

After Billy brought it up in discussion, the Walford gangster asked how old his cousin was, to which the father-of-two replied he was over 60 and his former spouse might therefore be looking for someone younger.

Phil also told Billy that Jay deserved “a bit of happiness” so why shouldn’t he enjoy a romance with Honey.

I’m going to deal with this

Honey Mitchell

Feeling at an all-time low, the father-of-two then told his children their mother was in a relationship with the man they had seen as a brother.

Will Mitchell (Freddie Phillips) was particularly disgruntled and confronted Honey at the dinner table, leaving the mother-of-two forced to reveal her secret.

The youngster said: “You can’t pretend like dad doesn’t exist,” with his mother telling him Billy had “no right” to expose her.

In a private conversation with Jay, who had just told her children would never replace their father, she said: “I’m going to kill Billy.”

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“Just leave it, I will talk to him,” Jay told his new partner, but she replied: “Absolutely not. No, I’m going to deal with this.

“In my own time and in my own way,” she added, making it sound more mysterious about how she was going to get her ex-husband off her back.

Having been betrayed by men all her life and finally feeling a sense of happiness with Jay, will she get rid of Billy once and for all?

As the beloved character has been a member of the cast for over 20 years, could his time on the Square finally be at an end?

Speaking about his character’s reaction to Honey’s new relationship, the actor who plays Billy, Perry, said: “The whole thing is such a betrayal, it’s bad enough to have something going on behind his back but it’s even worse because they’re living in the same house.

“In his mind, he’s thinking, ‘okay I’ll play the long game with Honey’. He’s also got the kids so it’s a family.

“All Billy has ever wanted is his own family. And of course, Jay is a part of that,” the soap star added.

However, with no chance of his dreams ever coming true now, is being killed off by his vengeful wife the only way to resolve the love triangle?

EastEnders continues Tuesday at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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