EastEnders spoilers: New mum Hayley Slater abandons her newborn baby as she struggles to cope with motherhood

When Hayley – played by Katie Jarvis in the BBC soap – arrives back in the Square with her baby, she’s in a state and can’t even pay her cab fare. Luckily Carmel Kazemi is on hand to cover the fare for her.

The rest of the Slaters are out looking for Hayley so she collects baby items from the house.

Panicking and not knowing what to do she leaves her daughter on the Ahmed’s doorstep with a note asking them to look after her.

Meanwhile the Slaters head to Hayley’s mum’s where Bev covers for her daughter, telling Kat she hasn’t seen her.

Hayley then thanks her mum for helping her as she struggles to come to terms with what she’s done. Bev tells Hayley that she made the right decision.

Elsewhere Mariam and Arshad care for the baby but it’s not long before Arshad realises his wife lied to him about calling social services and she confesses to him that the baby is Hayley’s.

Mariam is desperate to help Hayley and convinces Masood and Arshad to give her a day to come round.

Feeling guilty about dumping her daughter Hayley heads back to the Square and considers going to the Ahmed’s.

But before she can she’s accosted by Kat – Jessie Wallace – who demands to know where the baby is.

Hayley refuses to tell her and the pair have a blazing row before Hayley storms off and heads back to her mum’s.

Later the Ahmeds notice something is wrong with the baby, forcing them to call Hayley insisting she meet them at the hospital.

Hayley is relieved when the baby is given the all clear and she begins to bond with her daughter just as the social worker arrives.

She begs for the baby to be allowed to stay with her and – despite the breakthrough – Kat is frustrated when Bev arrives and takes the baby home with her, only for Hayley to follow.

Later Bev suggests to Hayley that her new baby is a chance to fix the past. But is she for real?

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