EastEnders spoilers: Scarlett Moon disappears leaving mum Janine Butcher terrified

SCARLETT Moon disappears leaving her mother Janine Butcher fearing the worst next week in EastEnders. 

The villain – who is played by Charlie Brooks – makes her dramatic comeback next week as she prepares to go to war for her daughter Scarlett. 

Kat prepares to tell Scarlett the truth about Tommy but she’s stopped in her tracks when Janine bursts in.

Later, Kat visits the courthouse for a hearing about Scarlett’s future and is disgusted when she hears that Janine is reckoning on that she’s a reformed woman. 

Afterwards, Janine turns up at The Vic and quickly makes her presence known. 

Kat grows determined to protect Scarlett from her reckless mother and she’s fuming when Billy tries to stick up for Janine.

Later, Janine tries to appeal to Kat, pleading with her for a second chance with Scarlett. 

Kat returns home and tells Phil about Janine’s lies, but she’s stunned when the social worker calls and reveals Scarlett has disappeared.

Kat grows convinced that Janine has done a run with Scarlett and attempts to track her down. 

Billy eventually tracks down Janine but is stunned when she reveals that she’s given up hope on Scarlett and wants to leave Walford. 

But when he reveals that Scarlett is missing, Janine is floored and she and Kat try to work out where she might be. 

Janine eventually finds Tommy and Scarlett hiding upstairs at Phil’s place. 

A scuffle ensues and they don’t notice Scarlett’s jumper landing on the lit hob from Phil’s cooking earlier. 

Could they be in danger?

Speaking to The Sun and other media, EastEnders boss Kate Oates hinted that Janine’s attempts to fight for her daughter Scarlett will end in disaster. 

"I think one of the most interesting things to watch when Janine returns is how she will be as a mother,” she revealed.

"When she returns, Janine makes it clear that she will do anything for Scarlett – including taking on Kat Slater…but even when she’s trying to be a great mother, Janine will always end up putting herself first."

The soap’s Executive Producer Jon Sen added: "[Janine] has obviously got Scarlett, her daughter, who’s in care and that’s given her pause for thought, and perhaps the maternal instinct has finally clicked with Janine, who knows?"

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