Edie Falco Refuses to ‘Go Method’ for Her Roles

The former ‘Nurse Jackie’ actress says she would rather dream up her characters and use her imagination than go through transformations to ‘become’ them.

AceShowbizEdie Falco refuses to ‘go method’ on the characters she plays on TV, because she prefers to use her imagination.

The former “The Sopranos” star can’t understand her peers who go through transformations to “become” characters, insisting it’s much more fun to dream them up.

For instance, Edie didn’t spend time with the Los Angeles Police Department while researching her latest TV role as cop boss Abigail Thomas for “Tommy“.

“I don’t know about research,” she tells WENN. “I’ve tried. I’ve been kind of pushed into it by overzealous producers and I find myself standing opposite someone who really had the job I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t find it helpful. I find it confusing. It involves a different part of my brain than the part of me that acts.”

“I’m sure some actors swear by it, and God bless them! Daniel Day-Lewis becomes the other person and is referred to by the character’s name (in between takes). Everybody works in different ways. Years ago I would’ve made up a whole story about my prep right now, but I’m over it!”

“If I was playing a cowboy, I wouldn’t think, ‘So, what would a real cowboy do?’ You’re just deeply playing. Your imagination takes over and you’re living the life of a person with different life circumstances.”

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