Emmerdale 2022 predictions – Meena jail downfall, last murder and lifelong scars

Emmerdale has aired some of the most chilling storylines that we have seen from the ITV soap in recent years.

Just over the last year alone we have said goodbye to Paul Ashdale who died tragically in a barn explosion, Wedndy Posner is blackmailed by her ex-husband Russ and serial killer Meena Jutla went on a murderous rampage.

But what can fans expect from the classic Yorkshire-based soap in 2022?

From new love blossoming between Billy Fletcher and Dawn Taylor to Meena’s inevitable downfall, fans have been quick to voice their predictions for next year’s season.

And ITV producers have promised fans a juicy Christmas special as viewers gather for the festive celebration which is thought to go off with a bang.

Here are some of the top fan predictions for 2022.

Life-changing scars

Priya Sharma has been through hell and back over the last few months following her horrific accident in the maze back in October.

And the recovery process hasn’t been an easy one as her increasing body dysmorphia has brought itself to the forefront of her mind as she slowly adjusts to life as a burn survivor.

Over the past two months, viewers have watched Priya become more and more of a recluse as she isolates herself in her bedroom with only a select few people allowed to see her in person.

Someone who has been lucky enough to help the mum-of-one is close friend Leyla Cavanagh who has been a supportive friend and a shoulder to cry on throughout her recovery.

But as Priya started to find her feet after the life-changing incident, signs of her eating disorder have began to creep back to the surface again as she attempted to gain some control of her life again.

Unfortunately, her lack of food has made the healing process even more difficult as she sadly found out earlier this month when her doctor raised his concerns with her during a check-up appointment.

And as her mental health continues to nosedive, so do her responsibilities as a mother as she found out the hard way when her daughter Amba was removed from her custody.

So what does the future look like for the beloved mum and how will she overcome this horrific incident? Many fans are hopeful that the strong-willed mother will be able to overcome her new scars.

One user penned: "An amazing storyline in #Emmerdale covering the stigma surrounding body image and self confidence. It's a long road ahead for Priya and hopefully Meena will get her commupance.

Another shared: "Couldn't be any more proud of this girl and what she has overcome recently. You got this Priya. Love you."

A third pleaded: "You have overcome things before Priya @FionaWade- please you can do it again."

Murderous ways

Meena has quickly become a staple character in the Dales but not for the right reasons.

Over the past five months, viewers have seen the killer nurse return to her murderous past as she took the lives of three residents in the village without a single strange look from the police.

The first person to fall victim to her murderous ways, and arguably the most shocking, was the death of teenage student Leanna Cavanagh.

It was the blonde bombshell who first suspected that the medical expert was up to no good as she began to question the suspicious death of her friend before she moved to the village.

Little did she know, sticking her nose in would prove fatal for the 18-year-old after she caught out Meena stealing a handful of money from Emmerdale Pride which she found in a tin.

But she wasn't the only villager to die at the hands of the killer nurse as she went on to take the lives of Andrea Tate and most recently Ben Tucker.

After months of her deadly killing spree going unchecked, fans have become impatient as they eagerly await Meena's downfall.


Another questioned: "Meena is SO damn fake & I think she only wanted to know what Dawn saw to relive killing Ben & enjoy how upset Dawn is.

"Maybe Dawn saw something that could lead back to Meena & she doesn't know it yet. When TF is Meena going to get caught?"

While a third annoyed viewer theorised: "Already been close to 5 months & beyond fed up of Serial Killer Meena killing wherever the hell she feels like it purely cos of the fun of it & somehow never being close to caught not even once."

Could Meena end up getting sent to prison as she finally gets caught out?

Who dunnit?

Manpreet has had a trying year in the Dales as her murderous sister continues to cause untold damage in the village.

While Meena's relationship with Billy slowly crumbles, her suspicious sister can't help but start to pick apart the killer nurse's real intentions behind her meddling ways as she continues to leave destruction and heartache in her wake.

Emmerdale fans have been begging for the medical professional to finally face justice for her countless crimes, but some viewers think the catalyst behind her downfall will lie with the doctor as she starts to unravel her crimes this month.

One user predicted: "As much as I want Kim to end this, Manpreet is the only one who can get close enough to take Meena down … and I'm here for it!"

Another agreed: "So my theory for #Emmerdale is that right now they have all Meena arrows and daggers pointing Dawn but I think Meena's next victim caught in the crossfire will actually be Manpreet.

"Ideally, I'd love it to be Wendy but hey ho, time will tell," they added.

But that's not the only thing that has left her head spinning as her on-again off-again relationship with Charles continues to leave fans screaming at the television as they beg for the sweet couple to finally get together.

The will-they won't-they couple first kindled their relationship more than 15 years ago when the pair became involved in an affair behind their spouses backs.

Following the inevitable reveal of their devious ways, the pair have continued to remain within arm's reach but the death of Andrea Tate at the hands of her sister, Meena certainly threw a spanner in the works and derailed their hopeful relationship.

One fan of the show feared: "Oh dear. I didn't think Charles was going to die but now that Manpreet's confessed undying love I'm afraid he's a gonna!"

Another begged the happy couple to get together as she gushed: "I hope Manpreet and Charles get together. They are suited to each other."

Will they, won't they?

Another couple who have been the talk of the town is Dawn and Billy as the pair attempt to rekindle their on-again off-again relationship behind murderous Meena's back.

As his relationship with Meena starts to crumble, his love for his former flame continues to grow much to fan's excitement.

Billy and Meena's relationship first started more than two years ago but the pair went their separate ways after the death of DI Mark Malone who attempted to kill Dawn via a drug overdose.

The pair soon came to blows but it was Harriet Finch who took the fatal shot and killed the corrupt copper before he had the chance to kill Dawn at her most vulnerable.

Riddled with guilt, the mum-of-one ended her relationship with the love of her life in order to start fresh without the guilt of DI Malone's death looming over her.

But earlier this year, Billy discovered Dawn's secret and felt pity for the blonde bombshell as she tried to move on from the horrific event, which has left space for their love to blossom once again.

And it's fair to say that fans have been pleading with the Emmerdale writers to let the happy couple finally get together after their separation.

But as Billy ends his relationship with Meena, viewers have raised their concerns that the pair may never find love as the killer nurse prepares to get revenge for her ex-boyfriend leaving her for another woman.

It has already been shown that Meena will go to extreme lengths in order to keep her relationship under her control as she attempted to kill Victoria after she got between her relationship with David.

Fans have their fingers crossed that love with prevail and the happy couple will manage to survive the wrath of Meena.

One user confessed: "That scene with Dawn and Billy was beautiful, one of my favourite soap couples. I hope neither will be killed when Meena finds out!"

Another predicted: "Meena finds out about Malone. Billy kills Meena to protect Dawn. Billy can't be mad at Dawn for Malone anymore. Billy and Dawn together."

A third theorised: "I have a feeling Dawn is going to open up to Billy about Malone. Meena is then going to hear the conversations and then report Dawn to the police."

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